metformin with clomid
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marie - May 5

any success stories with metformin and climid? i've been trying to get pregnant for 2 1/2 yrs. i have PCOS, had my clomid theraphy with injections but nothing happens. last week i have my 500mg metformin with 100mg clomid, now i have my 100mg metformin. how and when will i know if im fertile? thanks


shen - May 5

hi, i have pcos too...been trying 2 conceive for 2 years...i'm on 500mg metformin and 50mg clomid but still not conceived yet...still trying and wonder whether i ovulate...plan 2 ask my gynae to monitor whether i ovulate...hope to hear goods news from you


shen - May 5

thanks for the encouragement, i have my scheduled ultrasound on May 9, hope to see some eggs. its nice to talk to someone who understand my situation. good luck to both of us. ill keep you posted. thank :)


Luna - May 6

Hi Marie
I was on 1500mg of metformin and 50mg clomid I had been trying to concieve for over 2yrs after I lost a tube. I was told I had pcos and I took my first course of both drugs Feb 2005 and I am now 11wks pg. So don't give up hope I was lucky I feel pg after first course so keep trying.


marie - May 9

hi, luna. thanks for giving me so much hope on this. today is my sched trans v. ultrasound to see if i have eggs after taking 1000mg metformin and 1000 mg of clomid 3/7 day. wish me luck :)


marie - May 13

i had my trans v-ultrasoud last May 9 and found out that i have two mature follicle. does it mean that there is a posibility for me to get pregnant?


Cherlyn - May 14

Hi. I have pcos too. i am on 150mg clomid. going to do the ultrasound on 19th May. Yeah marie. IF you have mature follicle which means you will have ovulation. Good Luck!


Drew - May 15

Hi ladies, I started my first round of Clomid 100mg on the 5th, three days after my period started, to the 9th. I also started Metformin the same day; 500mg twice daily for a week then 500mg three times a day for a week, then 800mg twice a day for good. Is this a normal dosage for either? I am starting to get pains in my lower left side, and down my left leg. So many questions, so few answers! :)


Cherlyn - May 19

Today went for the ultrasound. A little bit disappointed with the result. I still no ovulation. The cyst still not grow much. The 150mg clomid seems does not work on me. My Gynae said maximum can go for 200mg clomid. What can i do if clomid does helps?


Cherlyn - May 19

Sorry, typo error. Should be what can i do if Clomid does not helps?


Drew - May 19

I was told that in my situation-I also have pcos, that if the Clomid and Metformin doesnt work then I can try something called Pergonal. Any one know anything about this?


Monique - July 4

I am about to start my first round of clomid. I have been taking 500 mg of metformin 3 times daily for a little while. I am also taking pre-natal viatamens. Anyone know of anything that will help this situation? Home remedies possibly?


Kate - September 13

I Have pcos and are trying to get pregnant and have been put on metformin will this help me loose the weight i have gained and the un wanted hair, and help me concieve!


Jackie - September 13

I have pcos and am on 1500 metformin and 100 clomid I have been pg 2 times in 8 months but have misscarried mostly due to low pogesteron I have been triing for 3 years. You really need to be your own advocate. Go to a specialist they moneter you alot closer than your obgyn! Good luck.i am new to this forum and it is conforting to know Im not alone!


Clomid graduate - September 14

Hi girls, I used to post here, and got pg on round 3 of Clomid 100mg and month 3 of Metformin 1700mg. I just want to say do not give up hope, it can happen. I am exactly nine weeks today. ~~~Baby Dust~~~


To Clomid Graduate - September 14

Are you still taking the Metformin...if so how much and how long are you planning on taking it? Any info will help!


Clomid graduate - September 15

Yes, I'm still taking it though I'm down to half what I was 850mg 1/day. All the research I found supported staying on Clomid to help maintain a pregnancy at least for the first trimester. Otherwise those with insulin resistance are more prone to m/c. If you are pregnant I would talk to your doctor about whats best for you. Good luck!



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