masterbation and ttc
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embarassed..but - July 19

Does masterbation interfere with ttc as far as the quality of your cervical mucas? Also, can masterbating with vibration and the actual contractions of climaxing cause a miscarriage?


kim - July 21

Weird question but ok, no it can not interfere with you getting pregnant. Climaxing can actually help you become pregnant if you do it when sperm is present. Orgasm causes a suction effect of your cervix which sucks the sperm in. In a normal healthy pregnancy it is perfectly safe to climax. If you are at high risk your Dr. may advise against it.


Diction - July 22

The word is masturbation not masterbation.


your so smart - July 22

ok not all of us are the best spellers do really think it was nessary to point that out we out what she ment!!!!



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