Low Sperm Count
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Shanda - March 10

My husband has a low sperm count (approximately just over a million per ejaculate)...has anyone else gotten pregnant and their partner have a low sperm count?


to shanda - March 10

Has your husband been tested more than one time? My husband had a low sperm count on the first test and the last 2 have been normal! My MD told us that sperm that is ejaculated today was actually produced 3 months prior..so, if your husband was in a hot tub, hot sun etc..it could affect his count today. We were actually on Vacation in the tropics 3 months prior to the first test..thus the low number. My MD (she's a fertility specialist) also told me that doing IUI increases your chances of pregnancy w/ low sperm counts..hope this helps!


kez - August 23

my partner cant understand how i fell pregnant and he said he has a low sperm count


kerrie - August 23

yes i fell pregnant and my partner cant understand when he has a low sperm count


[email protected] - September 23

Can a women become pregnant if a man has a low sperm count?



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