low estrogen question especially if you are an ivf'er
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isa - August 28

Hi guys question for you from a gal at my clinic that just called me in a panic and wondered if i knew anyting that might help her out. She is 43, just had fibroids removed in surgery and has double blocked tubes so is doing ivf. She was in my ivf class with her dh. She says she was on Lupron and then started Gonal F pen (not sure what days she's on but she is calling me later again as her cell phone was dying)She got a call from the clinic nurse that her estrogen level only rose from 130 to 190 over about 5 days. They found out also that her gonal f pen was not giving out enough meds but RE thinks its her not the pen that was the problem for the estrogen. The pen thing is a different matter -(the lack of meds created only 1 follie so they are cancelling cycle for both reasons). She is wondering what she might be able to do to "save" this cycle with her estrogen (and if she can find a pen to start working correctly) or to help out her next month cycle. She is doing this for an ivf. Any ideas what i should tell her?



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