long cycle...negative pregnancy test, what's going on?
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s - December 15

I'm on day 37, my cycles have been off, but never this long, i took a hpt and it was negative, I used the dollor store brand so I don't know if they are really accurate or not. Could I just me really really late or should I spend the money to get a brand name preg test????


MuzikGurl - December 15

don't be so shocked..I'm on day 55 or 56 I believe...I have PCOS and all my hpt were neg. I used early response and accu-early brands....do you have any symptoms of pg?? I've been having cramping off and on but, not too bad and that's it...hope the best works for you...take care!


isa - December 16

Have you been charting your temps? I am on the longest cycle I've ever been on and its because I only ovulated on cd29 this month. I'm currently on cd 32 so my cycle (adding my 13 day luteal) will give me a cycle 42 days long. Maybe this is what happend this month for you. Normally I ovulate about cd 12, 13, or 14 so I am 2 weeks late ovulating but I know because I temp. and check other things.You may just be ovulating late. If you arent already start learning how to check your bbt, your cervix height and open, med, closed positions, soft or hard, up or down and to figure out your cm. Put it all together (perhaps with opk's ) and it will give you some insight. If you are not ovulating go to your doc and they can help you with meds to get you ovulating again. Use fertility friend or ovusoft (free charting for bbt) good luck.


Jane - December 16

Isa pretty much summed up everything was going to say. once you learn how to chart and pay attention to your fertility signs such as cervical fluid and height there will be no guessing. pick up take charge of your fertility. it explains how to chart, check your cervical fluid and explains different chart patterns and what they mean. charting helps you learn the best time to bd or what may need fixing. you would then know that either you ovulated late this month or maybe you didn't test enough past ovulation and you should wait and test again to see if you are indeed pregnant or maybe you for some reason had a annovulatory cycle. if af doesn't show in a couple of days test again with a sensitive test.



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