less sex or more sex?
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dakota - May 24

I have been getting conflicting information regarding how much sex you should have when the male has a low sperm count/motility when ttc. I've read that men with lower sperm counts should have sex less often to restore/replenish healthy sperm. Then I've also read that,that is a myth and delaying ejaculation will decrease the percentage of motile sperm and the percantage of normal sperm.Anyone have any insite or advice on this?


nancy - May 24

base on what i've read and research if DH has low sperm count, having sex every other day is much better to have one day rest to restore / replenish, but if DH has a normal sperm count you can do it everyday....most especially during fertile days


Melissa - May 24

Hi Dakota. I agree with Nancy. My dr said it take 48 hour for "quality" sperm to replenish so, a day off would be a good idea if dh has low motility.


Drew - May 24

From what I have read, you do have to "do it" fairly often to keep them fresh. "Banking" them doesnt work, it makes them lazy. They loose motility, and quality, like Melissa said. Even if you dont ummm... do it every other day, suggest to him that he "take care" of himself to keep them fresh. Sorry if that sounded crude, but there is no tactful way to say that! Good luck!



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