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kim - June 2

i think thats spelt right, anyway does anybody know a price this op costs?????????? please post back


Patricia - June 2

It will depend on the doctor and hospital you go, but the fees are around $2000 for the doctor and $5000 for the hospital. This is the face price (the highest possible) that they charge. Of course insurance companies get much lower charges because of what they call reasonable and customary costs.

By the way, make sure you really need this. I was due to have one because they told me my tube might be blocked (it was not), and I got pregnant right before the scheduled and not necessary surgery.


christina - June 2

wow, Patricia that is amazing, my dr. kept saying prior to my surgery my only way out was to get pregnant and i never did so i had the costed us nothing as the insurance paid for it all, when we got the statement though it said it was 15000, cause i had numerous other procedures during it.


kim - June 2

to patricia, thankyou for the message, what made them think your tube was blocked?? i dont have no insurance so im really stuck and stressed, i dont know what to do!!!!!! please help


christina - June 2

to kim,
dont stress, there are ways you can finance, you need to get that done it is important. when we were seeking fertility dr. help, he did the hsg and all sorts of test and we werent covered so they financed for us, check into it.


kim - June 2

to christina, i know im asking alot of questions and i might sound a bit silly but how do i go about all of this finance thing, i dont have a clue about insurances and finances could you please post back and advice me. kim thanks again


Elaine - June 2

I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy in March of this year and mine was about $17,000 but my insurance paid for most of it. I had to pay about $500 out of my pocket so far. Good Luck!!!


kim - June 2

to elaine, hi thanks for the reply, if you dont mind me asking what insurance company are you with because i cant seem to find one that will cover the costs????


dreama - June 3

well hear in Virginia it was $700.00 but insurance payed for it. :)


christina - June 3

kim, not silly at all, thats what were all here for, in all honesty my husband and just filled out all kinds of paper work at the time and sat with the finance department, and billing and they helped us, we actually are still paying the fertility dr.s but at our own pace so it helped, i will research and if i have any links or more info i will let you know all my best.


Elaine - June 3

My insurance company is Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I don't mind at all. After the procedure, my doctor has me on 7.5 mg of Provera and 1000mg of Fortamet which is like glucofage. Wish me luck!!! Good luck with your procedure and will pray you get prego soon!!!!


Elaine - June 3

I'm sorry it's not Provera it's Femara. So many medicine it's hard to keep up...I'm hoping for this month...


kim - June 3

i just want to say thankyou to all the people that replied to my post you have all been so helpful, its a great site and it inspires people so thankyou ladies and i pray we all get pregnant and have lots of babies between us all. ~~~~BABYDUST 4 EVERYBODY OUT THERE~~~~~~ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX



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