Just went off birth control
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britt - November 2

I just went off my nuva ring birthcontrol two months ago and I still haven't had a period. My hubby and I have had unprotected sex but not too often. I've been experiencing a lot of discharge...very runny/yellow and cramps. I'm just wondering when my period will return. I dont have any pregnancy symptoms. Any advice?


bump - November 3



Shawna - November 3

Hi Britt, I was on the pill for 6 yrs and stopped in April. Since then I have had 2 periods, 1 right after I stopped and another in August. I too have had a lot of cm and since October 9 it was a pinkish colour. I went to the dr in June b/c I was late and thinking I was pg, had a test done and it was negative. He explained that it could take a while for AF to return. We spent the summer in Australia and returned in September. We really started ttc at the end of August after AF. I went back to the Dr October 12, still negative and was told it could take between 6-12 month for a regular cycle. He wanted me to go back if October went by without a period, so I will be making another visit within the next few weeks. He mentioned putting me on clomid, but we haven't decided if we want to take drugs or not. I hope this is helpful and keep checking back as I am sure other people will share their stories and info! Good Luck!



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