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Justine1 - September 9

Hi everyone - hope you are all fine. Amy - Hope the testing gives you some answers and you can get pregnant soon. Hope you had a good Summer. Katie - Wow congrats on getting pregnant again - you must be so excited. Its very like what happened to us - I had an ICSI baby girl then 6 months later got pregnant naturally with Nick. Hope the pregnancy is going well. Melissa - Thats great your twins are sleeping through the night. Hope all is well. Hi Tina - Glad to hear things are going well. Have you any plans for their 1st Birthday? As for us Nick and Sophie are both really happy and doing well. Sophie is 22 months and can sing along to songs a bit which is really cute. Nick is 8 months and crawling and laughs a lot. Last week we're given 2 months notice to leave our house so its been hectic. Had to decide very rapidly whether I was going back to work full-time, part-time or not at all as it affects where we live - have pretty much agreed with work to go back 3 days a week which I think will be great. I love my work but also want to see the kids grow up. We are looking for a house now - am trying to buy the house next door but tenant doesn't want to leave so not sure if that'll work out.


Tina 5 - September 10

Hello! It is nice to hear from everyone! Ihave been checking in here/there and the site has been so quiet! Has anyone heard from Nina, how is she and triplets doing? I got an email from Ktbee and I am really sad to say, she had some complications and miscarried the baby, I hope she doesn't mind me letting you all know. I know this site is very supportive and that we are all thinking of her and I am sending my love and empathy to her. I hope she is doing well. Melissa - it is great to see the pictures of the girls, they are getting so big! Amy - I am thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers, let us know of any updates! Justine - so good to hear from you and that is great the kids are getting so big and doing well! Sophie is so adorable, and can picture her singing too, how cute! Sorry to hear about you moving, hope it all works out, keep us informed. Send me some updated pics of gthe kids. Hope all is well w/evone. miss ya, take care!


Justine1 - September 10

Katie - So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Tina - Great to hear from you. Hope all is well. As for us we just put an offer in on the house next door and we'll hear if we've got it tomorrow. I think the price we've offered is acceptable but its currently rented out to the owners ex boyfriend who isn't keen to move out. We all share a communal garden and one of the other houses will very probably be available mid November so hopefully he could rent there instead. It'll be funny if that happens because of the 6 houses that share the garden 3 of the houses will just swop tenants/owners so it'll be musical houses! We all love it here! There's another family with a baby 5 weeks older than Nick so it'll be great if we can stay here and the children grow up together. We're looking round another house to buy on Wednesday incase this doesn't work out.


Nina24 - September 22

Hi girls. Sorry I have been MIA for a while. This pregnancy hasn't been easy to handle, specially now that I am 32 weeks with my triplet boys. My back pain is increadable and I can't sleep at night. Dr. wants to wait until 35 weeks to get the babies out. Babies are weighing almost 3 1/2 pounds each so, they are growing in there. Funny thing, people say, really you are pregnant with triplets and only managed to put on 10 pounds since???? Well, I tell them thanks to ms for the first 7 months. The Dr. believes that as long as the babies are developing and growing well, I should not worry. Katie - so sorry to hear about your miscarry. Before you know it you'll be pregnant again. If it happened once it can happen again for sure. Melissa - glad the girls are doing well and you are finally sleeping through the night. Tina - how are your kids doing? send pics. Justine - hope you find a house really soon. Your kids are so cute!!! Amy - I still think of you, your turn will come soon, don't give up. You are in my prayers. Well girls, I'll try to post as soon as the triplets arrrive. We are ready, nursery done, mini-van purchased and all.


AmyR - September 26

Nina I am so sorry that you are feeling terrible... it'll all be over soon enough and you'll be enjoying those little boys! What names have you decided on? Can't wait to see pics!


Justine1 - September 30

Nina - Congrats on getting to 32 weeks with your triplet boys! Can't wait to see pics. Amy - I really hope its your turn next. We're moving next weekend to a house across the road so its busy here. Nick is 8 months and just learned to stand and just got his first shoes.


faith4jada - November 4

Wonderful site,should start my IVF with ICSI nexy year Feb.


kelsmi - November 4

Hi ladies - I am currently in my 2ww from IVF. My pregnancy test is Weds. a.m. Were there any special IVF pregnancy symptoms that you had? I'm going crazy waiting! Also, did you POAS, and if so, how early did you test positive? Thanks, Kelly :)


kelsmi - November 4

Hello - me again...today is gettin increasingly harder and harder. I can practically hear the hpt calling my name from the bathroom! Tomorrow is day 10 post transfer and I'm seriously thinking I have to POAS with my "first mornings urine" tomorrow a.m. I know there's a chance of a false neg....but I know that. It'll just start to prepare me for the possibility. I know there would still be a chance of it actually being positive. Any thoughts/experiences??


Justine1 - November 5

Hi everyone. Nina - Have you had the triplets yet? Hope everything is fine. Kelly - Hope you are pregnant. My clinic just got me to do a HPT - I did egg collection on 14 Feb then transfer 3 days later and tested 2 Mar I think and got a strong positive that day. I think HCG stays in your system for 10 days so you could test now if you want though for some people it would be too early to get a real positive. Good luck. I had lots of pregnancy symptoms plus strong AF type cramping but I've seen lots of other girls with none who then got a positive too.


MelissaR - November 10

Hi Kelly, so did you test? I really hope you are pregnant!!! I'm not sure what POAS is. I always tested early!! On our last IVF (our 4th try) I tested 2 days before the blood test and it showed positive, but I was also carrying twins. I will keep you in my prayers! I wish you the best!! Hi Nina, I hope all is going well for you! I can't wait to hear how you're doing!


Nina24 - December 11

Hi Girls! Yes, I did have my triplets, my precious 3 boys! Sorry, I have been gone for a long time, as you can imagine, I am SUPER busy - these boys keep me on my feet all day and night - non-stop!! Luckily, everything went well, I gave birth at 34+ weeks and the boys weighted 5.6, 5.2 and 4.13 lbs. Now, at almost 2 months, their weight is 10.5 lbs each. If you guys want to see pics, let me know and I'll send them to you. Hope all is well with all you mamas and mamas-to-be (don't give up hope). It took me nearly 8 years and it happend!!!


Justine1 - December 12

Hi Nina - congratulations on your triplets. They are great birth weights - glad all went fine. I'ld love to see pics. My email is JustineNov05 at aol.com You must be so busy with three - I hope is going fine and you have some help. Im on holiday in Maderia at the moment, a Portugese island, then back to work in Jan.


Tina 5 - December 15

Nina - OMG! I am SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU< and everything went well, CONGRATULATIONS! Three boys, god love ya, I am so excited for you! I would LOVE to see pics, [email protected]. I am sure you are super busy, I remember just getting into a groove the at first, how tough it was, esp with non sleep. how are they sleeping, well email pics and tell me all about them and how you are doing. 34 + wks, that is excellent, and excellent weights, good for you, you did great. My friend was in the hospital for along time w/her triplets, and COMPLETE cedrest and then she had them real early, think at 30-32 wks or so, they were about 4 lbs each, but they are healthy and running all over the place, they just had their 2nd birthday! For all you moms to be, and hope for mom-to-be,,,Don't give up hope, that is right, I had twins girls just abouty 14 mos ago, then Justine got pregnant on her own w/her 2nd child plus many other success stories. Justine- holiday sounds great, that is great, getting away b4 you head back to work, enjoy, are you alone w/hubby or kids with you> email me. Amy, how are you hun, I haven't heard from you, how is the cycles going? Any news? Keep up hope,,,Keep in touch. EVERYONE, have a WONDERFUL holiday and happy New Year! Take care!


AmyR - December 28

Hi ALL!! Hope you had a nice hoilday! Mine went well. Not too much new here, still going through some testing, possibly immunology now. Had a 2nd Lap done and removed lots more endo. COngrats NINA!!!! I'd love to see pics when you get a chance [email protected]. Hi Justine, hope you are well, sounds like you holiday plans were fun!! Hi Tina, hope you are all well... keep in touch!



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