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Justine1 - February 17

Hi everyone! This is a new thread for all the IVF girls as the other one was very long. Hope 2006 brings many babies.


Terry - February 17

Hello Ladies. Hope all is fine. Well, I have been up more today than the last 3. I had a craving for mac and cheese, so I went to Luby's. Also, while I was eating, I saw a dollar tree and couldn't resist buying a home pregnancy test, which came up negative. I'm not going to let it get to me yet. I think it is too soon to tell. By the way, how soon can you test after the transfer. Stressing!


Justine1 - February 17

Terry - I think you can't test until 14 days post transfer. It's way too early yet! The cravings are a good sign though esp. if its something you don't normally eat. I had a craving for avocado a few days after my transfer which normally I don't particularly like but I remember being ready to destroy the supermarket's fruit and veg section because they didn't sell avocados! LOL. Fortunately I restrained myself.


Jaqi - February 17

Hmmm..it's amazing...I just saw that post that I supposedly wrote and I was at the grocery store at that time....isn't that cool? lol I wish I had the time to play silly games like the person posting comments using my name. Just so ya'll know, I didn't write the post about making drug busts and whatever other bs this idiot is going to write using my name. Helen- don't worry about the earlier comment from this idiot using your name. I don't take anything to heart :o)


Justine1 - February 17

Jaqi - From your message on the IVF thread I presume it was Well who wrote the above thread too rather than you then and requested a new thread on IVF. LOL! Maybe you could use your "super cop skills" to arrest Well for deception whilst she's still napping. A drugs bust sounded very exciting though!


Helen - February 17

Terry, it is way too soon to test. you should test at least 8-10 days post transfer. don't make too much of your symptoms so early on...it'll drive you crazy. i hope you get a positive soon. also, there are some women that test negative on a HPT but test positive with a Beta. try not to stress just yet. it does get harder as the days get closer...i will pray that you have the patience to make it through this 2ww. baby dust!!!


Jaqi - February 18

Ok just so ya'll know, I have registered also since well, likes to use my name. I am going to the other forum just in case we go over there and so everyone knows :o) You know, to whoever used my name to make that comment, your not making me cry or sad or anything. You can continue to try and try but I know what has happened to me is not my fault nor does it make me less of a woman, as you say. Maybe you need to come to terms with your problems and ask for help.


Jaqi - February 18

Justine - Yeah, they are exciting....lol since you said it :o) lol No, I didn't request a new thread either. Rather than arrest well, which sounds good to me, I think we should just slap her around a bit :o)


Tina - February 18

Hello ladies...
I think this 'well' person has gotten WAY too much attention! She needs to grow up! So everyone from now on, just ignore her.

As for me, I got for next u/s tomorrow morning. Jen - that is GREAT news the cyst is gone! When is your next u/s? Helen - that is so great you were able to see the heartbeat! I am so excited fro you! Michelle - I am glad you got to go away, and hope you had a blast! Missed you! Has the 'witch' come yet? Terry, it is way too early to test, wihful thinking I know...but the cravigns sounds like a symptom, hope you are pregnant by now! Jaqi-, go for it and hope you get the job girl!! That story was awful, it is so sad,,,Justine - any new words from little Sophie? LisaD - how you been? Louisa/LM/Amy - hope all is well :-) Have a great weekend ladies!


Test - February 18

Test :o)


AmyR - February 18

I'm here!!! This Amy, but now AmyR. Have a good weekend ladies!!


Justine1 - February 18

Lisa - Hope you and the baby are doing well. Sophie is fine - she's 4 months today and smiling all the time - she so sweet. Tina - Hope the scan has gone well today. Sophie is still saying the same words - Hello, Hi, Yeah or Yes and trying to say I Love You but it comes out more like I Lub U! My DH is here which is nice. Welcome Amy - Hope you have a good weekend too. Helen - Hope the pregnancy is going well.


Tina - February 19

Dang it, I registered last night and now it won't let me sign in, I think I might have entered my pw incorrect when I first signed up,,I tried to register again, but it 'yells' at me, saying my email is already registered, and then tried to have pw sent to my email, and haven't gotten anything yet!! anyways, today I am so AGGRAVATED!! well, excited too,,,First off, the nurse called w/ my results today and I am sched for my retrieval this monday! I can't believe it, I didn't expect until mid-next week. Tonight I need to take my hcG shot, but w/the insur given me a hard time w/approval for a specific med I need to take, I have not ordered it just yet (3 claims have been sent to them from my RE and all have been denied), and now tonight we had to drive 1 1/2 hr ride to Boston to grab it, then get there after hrs to find out they left me the wrong medicine, so had to leave a msg for the on-call pharm. then wait 30 min for callback then another 40 to drive it over then 1 1/2 hr home! ARGH!! so today has been a CRAZY day!! I can't wait to relax tomorrow! Jen - did you have another u/s yet? when are they estimating your retrieval? Justine - that is so sweet how Sophie says 'I lub you'...do you have any more recent pics posted? I'd love to see how big she has grown! That is great news that DH is there! that is great that Dh is so supportive. I hope you are feeling better soon, how it is going? Michelle -have you gotten AF yet? Terry - when is your preg test? any more cravings? :-) Louisa/LM/Amy/Nina - how are you ladies doing? haven't heard from much! Baby dust!!


Tina - February 19

Hello! Well Monday is my retrieval!! I am so excited, but nervous though. Even though this is the 2nd time, it is stillnerve wracking. We went running around today to get my hCG shot and what a CRAZY day! Jen - did you have an u/s yet? when is your retrieval estimated for? Michelle - did AF come yet? Justine, that is so sweet that Sophie is now saying I Lub you. did you get any recent pics of her on the site? I love to see her all grown now. Helen, how are you. Lisa/LM/Nina/Louisa/Jaqi/Amy - how are you ladies? Baby dust!


Tina - February 19

sorry fro the double post, thought it didn't go through!


Justine1 - February 19

Hi Tina - That's great you can do the retrieval on Monday - I did mine on a Monday and the transfer on a Thursday. Will your transfer be day 3 or day 5? Sorry to hear you had a hard time getting the HcG but at least you have it now. Haven't posted any more pics of Sophie yet - I must take some. She's so cute now, smiling at everyone and she managed to say I Love You last night (well I Love You You You You You) - it was to me and all her toys! Bless her. Hope you get to relax today and hope all goes well tomorrow.


Terry - February 19

Hello girls. How are we this weekend? Well, I driving myself crazy! I just want to know if i'm pg!. I had to get out the house yesterday. I drove down to South Padre Island and saw my dad for a little while and then drove the hour and half and came home! I probably did something I should not have done! I told my sister and her man, that they did not deserve kids. It was really meant towards him, and my sister knows this with all my hormones raging. He is worthless. I told him that too. Anyway, he is a 36 year old man, who does not want to work and live off the system. And expects everyone else to care for his kids. Just pissed me off! Oh well. I may of said it in the moment, but deep down I believe it true! Just stressing it! I find out with the dr if I got pregnant on the 27th. I hope I can hold up that long. Just got back from grocery shopping. I'm going to make dumplings cause it is so cold outside. Down here we are usually in the 70's and right now we are in the 40's. That's cold for the valley! Anyway, I also got a first response test and want to take it, but will try to hold off! That is going to kill me! Well, hope everyone had a good weekend.! Hope all is well with you Justine and Helen. Sophia sounds like a piece of heaven. Soon Helen will have a piece too. Tina my prayers are with you and hope you have a healthy baby.



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