IVF-1st Attempt Failed
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Michele - January 18

We just completed our 1st round of IVF-ICSI. We had 2 grade 4 embryos that did not result in a pregnancy. We now must wait until March to try the embryo's we have in storage. We had a 3 day transfer. Are there any other ladies going through the same thing? How many IVF cycles did it take? Any differences in the cylces?


Sara - January 19

We had 4 rounds before it worked. Stay focused and prayerful....IVF does work, but sometimes you just need to hang in there. I had no different symptoms, but did a preg. test each time. The last time was the only time in 12 years that I saw a positive preg test. It is worth it. Hang in there!


Sal1209 - January 20

We had 2 attempts and are now trying to choose between adoption and another attempt. I struggle emotionally with both. We have 2 biological children so we know this can happen, but struggle with why it has not. It is frustrating, but my FS said sometimes there are no answers. It's so frustrating! Hang in there. I don't check this sight often, I used to post daily, but now I just check occassionally. I'll hope the next time I look you are preg. Good Luck!


nita - February 8

Hi Michelle, sorry about your loss. I went through my 1st round in October and tried to hold on, but I miscarried in November and had a dnc the day before thanksgiving. My levels started out good, then I was told they were not doubling like they should. I had several ultra sounds and things looked ok but the last u/s there was no heart beat. since then i have moved from Californina to Maryland and plan to go back March to do a frozen cycle.


Nin - February 8

hey nita, i too had my first ivf in nov. but mine was never successful. my egg quality was not good. estrodial level was too low. this month we tried iui. now we r not sure what to do now. ivf is too expensive.



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