IUI on 3/28 and then TWW
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mama keya - March 27

Hi I had my first trigger shot today and tomorrow morning me and the DH will be going in for our first IUI and then the TWW, anyone else waiting and want to chat


Chas - March 27

Hi mama keya, I am going in 2morrow to get my follies checked and hopefully a trigger shot for IUI on Thursday, so i should be right behind you. Did you have a u/s to see how many follies? Were you on clomid also?? I will wait with ya !! I'll let ya know how 2morrow goes. Good luck to you !


mama keya - March 27

Hi Chas so glad you replied first off good luck to you tomorrow and Thur, I went in for my U/s today and the tech said I had two large ones on my left side and one on the right that won't matter but then the nurse said just one she also said something about they want the size to be at least 18 and my one was 32 don't know what that means but I'm schedule for tomorrow at 10 so hope that is good enough. Yes I did clomid 50 days 3 -7 I'm so excited this( 2ww) is going to be hard. Good luck again will be lookin forward for your update tomorrow


Chas - March 28

32??? that sounds huge!! I thought normal was like 20mm or so at ovulation. They told me mine should be at least 18mm to get the trigger shot. I am hoping for the best! I did an opk tonite and there is a faint line, but I am not counting on that anyway... did you do any opk's before your u/s ???


mama keya - March 28

I was thinking the same but that's what she said 32, I didn't use an OPK but I thought about it I didn't want to miss O'ing but it was just my nerves I guess well I'm on my way this morning to get the IUI, so I tell you how it went when I get back and good luck to you today too Keya


Chas - March 28

Hi Keya, I had a 21mm, 26mm, 21mm and 17mm. The first one was on the right side and the rest were on the left. So, they gave me the trigger and were all set for IUI 2morrow! How long was it from the time you had your shot until IUI ? I hope our timing is perfect !! Let me know how it went.


mama keya - March 28

You did good what days did you take the clomid, DH and I went in today and he gave his part and we did the IUI It didn't hurt (to my suprise) and the 2ww game begin I think this is it (I hope)I already tell myself I'm 2 weeks pregnant lol. Do you have any kids or will this be your first


Chas - March 28

We have been trying for our first, its been 2 yrs I m/c last year unfortuately. I am going to stay positive !!! We did IUI last month without any meds or shot. It failed, so I am staying positive this time around !! Good Vibes for us both !! How many hrs lasped from your trigger to your IUI ???


mama keya - March 29

It was about 14 hours in between shot at 9:30 am and IUI at 11:10 am Good luck to you today


mama keya - March 29

sorry I meant 26 hours in between time I got the shot on the 27th at 9:30 am and the IUI was done at 11:30 am on the 28th


Chas - March 29

Hi keya, we had our IUI today and much to our disapointment dh's count had dropped dramatically! It was 0.8 million after the wash. (2.6 mill total) Last month it was 86 million !! How does that happen??? I am discouraged now, and I need to stay positive. I guess the only hope we have is for the eggs and damn good timing! It was 30hrs post hcg shot. I hope it works this time, because if not we are taking a couple months off to save some more money. This is all out of pocket for us. How was your dh's count ???


jg - March 29

Hey Mama Keya feel free to join us on the "2WW after IUI" thread - there are three of us (you make four) who had IUI's within a day or so of each other. :-)


Chas - March 30

Mama keya, you out there??


tanner789 - March 31

hope you guys dont mind me joining in late, just decided to do iui too, i have two follicles at 18mm on left side, i will hopefully be triggering sat night and iui mon, i am a lil concerned off the time delay but they dont seemed worried at my office they told me to have sex sun just in case. my hubby has a very high sperm count(200 million great motility and morphology) so im lucky but we wanted full force going at this cycle. this will be my first ttc for 14 monthes. this month clomidcd 3-7 and gonalf for 12days. i will be on cd 22 when iui is doen, i guess my lil follies were slow developers. what cd were your guys iui-baby dust to us all


mama keya - March 31

Sorry Chas we were out yesterday I'm very hopeful for you it only take one, don't get discourage it is too early. I'm with you if it don't work this time I'm going to be finish for a while too, My DH count was 365 before and 148 after. so I hope that will work for me so Good luck to us all Jg I'll join your thread and tanner will be waiting for you.


Chas - April 7

mamakeya, any news ??? any symptoms?



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