IUI limitations...
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***** - January 31

So many of you have done so many IUI cycles at your Dr.'s recommendation and I thought you should know what most experts agree on...

Q: How many IUIs should I try before moving on to IVF?

A: It depends on what you can afford and what meds you are doing. Experts recommend 3-4 IUIs on Clomid before moving on to injectables, then 3-4 cycles on injectables. If one doesn't have success after four good ovulatory cycles on injectables with well-timed IUI, it would be time to consider IVF.


Ann - January 31

I think a caveat should be added that, when working with an ob/gyn or RE, several tests should be run to diagnose each couples' infertility issues. Sometimes the answers to these tests can determine whether success is likely in iui and/or ivf.



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