IUI- Follicles found in both left and right ovaries
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lifequest - August 4

Just a quick question, my first cycle of IUI with meds, produced follies on both my left (2)and right, (2) but in the end, once they matured only the 2 on the right were considered...How many follicles is good, and how many are two much...and are the chances of preg. higher if you have more. I'm on my 2nd IUI with meds, and I have 1 on my right (as of today cd5) and 5 on my left. Help! ???? ~Dust to you ~


isa - August 4

when I did iui's (did 7- 6 medicated, 1 natural) they aimed for 2-3 eggs total so as to not risk too many multiples. (didnt work for me but thats a whole other story). I hyperstimmed one month and had 18 follies but we couldnt convert to ivf b/c we didnt have our blood work done but I'm proof more doestnt necessarily means it works. They try to do as least risk as possible to the mom and the fetuses. They really only want you to get a singleton as it is much less risk on you. Twins adds risks, and triplets even more so etc etc. CD5 is too early to detect what you will have as they grown 1-2mm / day right until ovulation (and some may stop growing along the way) so when you go for your next u/s in a day or 2 you may have more and maybe not.With 6 already you really dont want any more on an iui or they may cancel your cycle. good luck


lifequest - August 5

Thanks isa, that was a great explaination....how you doing now, and what treatment are you on....best of luck to you ~baby dust~......


lifequest - August 6

Wow, how things change in a matter of days....now I only have one (cd7) that there montoring. It's 1.1cm (I guess that would be 11mm). They don't even mention the others....I guess they still have a chance to get bigger. I hope I get at least 2 or 3 more. I know you only need one, but I need all the "chances" I can get. Does anyone know the chances of getting prego...with just one follie on IUI? Anyone ever get prego, and have a story? ~BABY DUST~


DB - August 7

well, I didn't do IUI, but my follices were monitored (clomid and trigger shot). When I had my trigger shot, I had two mature, one on each side. Only one follicle was fertilized or implanted. I am now 15 weeks pregnant with a singleton. So, from what I understand if you ovulate one follicle each month you have a 20% chance of getting pregnant, so by taking meds you can increase your chances of pregnancy because of the increased number of follicles. Not all of them will obviously be fertilized, but again, the more that do mature the more chances of multiples. Hope that helps. My RE liked to see 2-3 follicles. We were going to do an IUI if I was not pregnant after two clomid cycles with bd, and the first one worked (thank god). Good luck, you still have a great chance.


DB - August 7

HA! I shouldn't say not ALL of them will be fertilized, because obviously that can definitely happen (quads, quints etc), but the odds are small for that many multiples, but wierder things have happened!!


lifequest - August 7

thanks DB, and best of luck to you!!!!!!!
I'll keep you up dated on the number of follies in the next few day....I appriciate your advice.


isa - August 7

lifequest you are right 1.1cm is 11mm (Canadians go by cm but the USA girls all talk in mm). Do you normally have problems getting a follie? What meds are you on? Dependant on how you normally respond they can up/down your meds. I was first on 100 clomid + injectibles but it thinned lining so he downed it to 50 mg clomid + injections and it still thinned it too much so then we just did the injections. I have no problems making follies, ovulate on my own -just dont know if there are any eggs in my follies or what shape they are in -he says at my age 40, only about 1 in 4 or 5 of my eggs will be good anyways (if I have any but we wouldnt know that unless we do the ivf and see).


DCL - August 7

HI All,

I am new to this board. I am on going thru my first cycle with Clomid/IUI this month and very nervous!!! Today I am on CD10 and had bloodwork and ultrasound. Found 6 fillicles (4 with size 14mm, 12mm, 13mm, 19mm) on right ovary and 2 on left (10mm, 12mm). I don't know much about this and the dr will call me later today with the next steps. Does anyone know much about this? Does it sound like I have good follicles? Any chance of multiples?

Thanks for your help!


cromwell - August 7

Lifequest, I asked about the follicles also. My RE showed me one bigger one and I said very disappoointed "there aren't more??" He said "don't get greedy". I asked if this was normal and he said "perfectly normal". I am on the lowest Clomid dose (50mg) and that was my first IUI. Now I am in the waiting period. What does bfn, bfp mean? I know that the n is negative etc but don't understand what the bf means. We have been trying since Jan. One miscarriage. DH may have some subfertility issues (morphology is not the best). I am 38 in two months! Laurie


lifequest - August 8

Hi Isa - thanks for your response...
No I don't have problems getting follies, even on my non med cycle I produced 1 follie. Now I'm on my 2nd med. cycle and as of today (cd8) I have two follies...one that is 1.3 (13mm) the other 1.1 (11mm). I'm on Puregon by the way, which is Follisim in the U.S. So, I guess will see in a few days, if these are the only two I'll be dealing with...so Isa will you be doing IVF?
Hi Cormwell, well bfn, and bfp stand for 'BIG FAT NEGATIVE AND POSTIVE"...I hope a BFP for you.....let me know how everything goes...good luck. Baby dust to all~



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