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tanner789 - February 24

today is cd 20 for me and when i woke up and wiped i had a light brown blood(kinda like what you experience towards the end of your period) i was thinking it was my period, but still 10hrs later i dont have any brighter of blood or any stronger its still just brown when i wipe much doesnt even go in the pad. do you think this could be implantation bleeding? i know very few people exp this but i would have no idea what it is, unless my period is slowly arriving, also how long does it take to implant from ovulation, i'm thinking i ovulated somewhere bewteen feb 9-11th. please help


Mega - February 24

It's definitely possible. How long are your cycles normally? Implantation typically takes from 5 to 7 days after O. It can take a several more days from that point though for implantation bleeding to occur. I've never had it, but it's not that uncommon. I hope that's what you're experiencing, unfortunately until you test you won't know for sure. Good luck! Keep us posted!


tanner789 - February 25

well my cycle isnt normal, they usually are non existant but the dr tried me on clomid last month and injectables so i did end up ovulating and my period came on feb 5th and that was cd 25, so not too sure if this is impantation or what-just another waiting game.


tanner789 - February 26

well the spotting has pretty much disappeared but i am experiencing cramping now so is af soon or what this wait is killing me, my period is due around mar2-5th, so the day i got the spotting i counted is actually the day it may have implanted so i'm getting excited and i shouldnt this all means nothing.


kelley32 - February 26

Hi tanner ... I had IB 9-10 days after I ovulated ... it was very light spotting (no need for a pad, only when I wiped) and it was pinkish/red in color, lasted 2 days and I got my BFP at 11 DPO. I also experienced cramping as if AF was coming, so I was pretty surprised to have gottn ny BFP ... she is 10 weeks old today, and so beautiful. I wish you tons of luck in getting your BFP.


tanner789 - February 26

thanks kelley i can only hope this bring me a bfp, but so many bfn in the past monthes doesnt make you wanna believe a bfp is in your future. my spotting is light brown with some discharge. i did wear a panty liner just for protection and collected only a thin line. i wish you and your new baby best of luck.


kelley32 - February 26

My fingers are crossed for you ... I will keep checking in.



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