I Need help getting pregnant!!!!
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melissamccombs417 - February 27

My question is why can't get pregnant if I was already pregnant once before. I had a miscarriage and after that Its been so hard its been almost 1 year and still nothing. Any suggestions!


lovemy3 - February 27

I know its hard, I have had 3 kids no problem and now have been trying for 14 months to have number 4, with absolutely no results. hang in there. hugs.


yam - March 27

It is very hard i am trying two year now and i had one child already and it was so easy. so i know how you feel.


me - March 27

It could just be something as small as bad timing. It took me 11 months with PCOS to get pregnant. The fe wtimes I did ovulate, the timing was off. Maybe you should undergo an HSG to see if your tubes are blocked with natural lubrication and cells. It may help. Just trying to think of things that it could be.


yam - March 27

I did all that and my tubes or fine i buy ovulation kit and still nothing.I just leave it in God hand now.only him alone knows why.


Our greatest gift - March 28

I was taking Vitex and got pregnant right away.... Vitex is a natural herb....


Tink - March 28

if you have been trying over a year, seek help from your gyn or a specialist. have you had any testing done? women can have secondary infertility- have a child with no problems, then struggle for another. definitely at this point seek help, ask for bloodwork and testing, to see if they can find a cause. they can help. there are many things to try- acupuncture, clomid, IUIs, IVF, natural remedies etc.....but you first need to know what the problem is, so you can treat it. good luck


kristie h - March 29

Hi my story may help. I had my son back in january 05 after who i was ttc for 2 months, after i had my son i fell pregnant when he wa 3 months old. I lost that pregnancy due to a molar pregnancy. I had to wait to fall pregnant for 6 months as that is the procedure after you have a molar pregnancy. When the 6 months were up i fell pregnant 2 cycle after ttc but i lost that pregnancy also. After ttc for 6 months after that loss i "knew" somthing was not right with my body as it never takes me more then 3 cycles to fall pregnant. My doctor did blood tests which showed i had a simple hormone imbalance which is common after a miscarriage or child birth. I went on the BCP for 3 months and went off on november the 10 2006. I had 1 normal cycle in december 2006 then got my BFP in january this year i am now 14 weeks pregnant. I would go to your doctor and ask for a hormone test 1st then go from there.



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