I have a drs. appt. today...please answer......
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Allie - December 19

Hi Ladies. My dh and I have been ttc for 1 year (in January). I have a drs. appt. today to speak with my doctor about my options, etc. I am 32 years old (will be 33 in January). What are some of the tests I will have to go through at my age? Will they do an hsg at 32??? Or are there other tests???? All I hear about is the hsg? Is that my only option or is that just a test they start off with? Can my doctor do any kind of check up BEFORE I have to go through an HSG? As far as I know I AM ovulating and I am very regular. If I AM regular, will they still do the HSG??? Any info will be helpful. Thanks.


Mega - December 19

Hi Allie. Good luck with your drs appt today. Usually they'll want to run a blood panel too to check FSH/LSH, blood glucose levels, etc. to rule out or in thyroid or PCOS issues. Also, HSG test is pretty standard too. It's pretty crampy & uncomfortable but it's very good for detecting blocked tubes. They may do a pelvic u/s too, my RE did that the day of my first consultation & he scheduled the HSG the next day. Good luck & keep me posted on how your appt. goes.


Allie - December 19

Thanks Mega. I am not currently seeing an RE, so would my OB/GYN do those tests? What is FSH/LSH? (sorry). Thanks.


K - December 19

Allie, You sound a little worried about the testing. The first thing you need to make sure they do BEFORE they start any testing on you whatsoever is to have them check your husband, particularly as you are very regular and ovulating. With me, they found out instantly that we had a problem with my dh. Once they found that out, they did no testing on me at first since I had a regular 26-27 day cycle and my BBT showed I was ovulating with a completely normal pattern. We went straight to IUI. Don't stress out too much about the HSG, I call it my miracle test. I have done it twice. When we were not successful with IUIs, my RE did ultimately do an HSG which actually increases your chance of getting pregnant for 3 months after. They didn't find any problems on mine, but I got pregnant the next month. Unfortunately I m/c, but when I wasn't getting pregnant with IUI again we tried another HSG, not for diagnostic purposes, but just to try to re-create the conditions from the first one. Guess what- it worked again and now I'm 29 weeks pregnant and everything looks great. I'm 38, and I'll be 39 before the baby is born. Don't worry too much about the HSG, I was terrified about it, and it turned out to be no big deal. The only pain I had was about 30 seconds of cramping right at the end. I wasn't even scared the second time. I did have a blood panel run shortly before the 1st HSG since the IUIs weren't working, and everything was normal there too. That was the only testing they ever did on me. The RE said he did not want to do a laproscopy unless I absolutely wanted it, because he really did not think he would find anything. I did have a bunch of ultrasounds after the 1st m/c because I went on Clomid and then Femara before we tried the 2nd HSG. My advice to you would be to remember that you are in control, not your doctor. I told my RE right off that we wanted to start with the least invasive routes, and he was wonderful. When I wasn't getting pregnant again after the 1st m/c he did start really trying to steer us toward IVF because of my age, but I am completely needle phobic and wasn't ready to make that step. I'm really glad I held off. Listen to the doctor's recommendations, but do your own research (there are lots of internet sites with tons of infertility information and there are books out there too) and know enough about all of the procedures and treatments, and why they are used that you can make your own decisions about what course you want to take.


Mega - December 19

Hi Allie. An OB would definitely run the blood work. FSH/LSH just checks to see if you're ovulating. FSH is a hormone that controls egg release, I think. But I doubt most OBs perform HSG tests. I also agree with K about getting your partner tested too. We wasted a couple of months working with my OB thinking the problem was solely on my end when in reality we're in that 40% range with both female (PCOS) & male (morphology). Good luck. Just arm yourself with knowledge.


Allie - December 19

Thanks girls. Just wanted to let you know that my dh DID get a SA and he is fine. I guess I will find out tonight what my doctor says/does. I am nervous about the testing. I hate that we even have to go through this, but I will do what I have to do to have a baby. Hopefully it is just a TIMING issue!!!



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