Hypothyroidism and TTC
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kelley32 - March 12

After TTC our second child since August 2005, then an early miscarriage in January 2006, my doctor thinks that I may have hypothyroidism (still waiting for blood test results), what`s the normal course of action after diagnosis, and does anyone have any personal stories or info on successfully getting and staying pregnant with thyroid disease?


Cendy - March 13

Hi Kelley32. In Dec 2003 I had a thyroidectomy due to Graves disease which caused me to be hyperthyroid with a multinodular goiter. I opted for the surgery to remove it because I did not want to go through the risk of the radioactive iodine therapy to shrink and kill part of my thyroid. Plus the infertility issues that go along with it. We started trying for our third child 18 months ago. We are now three months pregnant. It seemed like it took forever to get a BFP this time. Before my thyroid disease I had no trouble at all. From what I have read your thyroid gland is like a third ovary with all the hormones is produces and what all it regulates. My doctors told me as long as my TSH levels were balanced I should not have any trouble getting pregnant, but even with mine balanced it seemed like it took forever to get pregnant. Having Graves disease there is still a slight chance that the Graves disease antibodies can pass through the placenta and attack my babies thryroid and inlarge it as well. I have to have special ultrsounds to make sure this does not happen and blood tests to adjust my thyroid levels. Well, that is my story. If you have any questions, just ask. BABY DUST!


grace - March 13

Hi Kelley,
I have hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed and treated with a pill a day. I have only been in treatment for about 6 months and ended up pregnant about 5 months ago. I had been trying for quite a while, got diagnosed and boom immediatly pregnant. i currently take thyroid hormone replacement daily and the only drawback with this pregnancy is the extreme amounts of bloodtest to regulate. Now that I have my thyroid in check I feel so much better!


lilly2 - March 13

Hi girlls, what symptoms did you had with hypothyroidism?My neck, right side sometimes is so enlarged, and it is definitely something with my glans.I am TTC since last june and had 2 m/c in june and novembar.Baby dust.


Katt - March 14

lilly2, a great place to check your symptoms is www.thyroid.about.com or www.aace.com I have been ttc 2yrs. just found out I am hypo. Been on thyroxin almost 4 months. My symptoms went in reverse, just as they came and I am now starting to lose some weight. Some of my symptoms were hair loss (like handfuls, hair on the pillow, etc - I got new hairs growing now!), brittle nails (cracking/splitting), fatigue (falling asleep during football games yikes!, taking naps - I was never a napper), stairs made me tired (only took 7!), unexplained weight gain and the inability to lose it no matter what I did with exception to hard core vigorous aerobics which of course I couldnt motivate myself to do because I was depressed and tired, what else...oh, forgetfullness/spaciness - I once forgot to collect payment on a burial when I was working for a cemetary. Chasing down a grieving family is not a great task to have to do and blame it on your mind;) My doc at the time told me I was PMDD, never even checked my thyroid! It took over a year for someone to finally check it, heck I didn't know the darned thing exsisted let alone what it could be capable of. Kelley, it's really great to hear you got pregnant after thyroxin - you give me hope. Baby dust to all!!


Katt - March 14

another symptom is premature graying. I started at 25. I am now 32, diagnosed last year!



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