HSG Testing~~~Future BFP afterwards?
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Sugar Bear - September 23

I want to know are there anyone out there that had a successful pregnancy after the HSG test was done. I will be having one next week on cd 8 and I hope that I can get a BFP this cycle. Also I am on Clomid, should I start bding every other day from the last pill or everyday?


Kerri - September 23

I had HSG done in July--I didn't get pregnant that month but we sort of missed the window. I started Clomid this last cycle--doctor said to db every other day from one day post last pill--but my DH has low sperm count. We were going to do IUI but I didn't respond to the Clomid within a normal time frame so we had to cancel the IUI. The good news is, I DID ovulate but not 5-10 days after the Clomid..I O'd on cd31---which is when I got a +OPK too. SO we bd everyday around that time--and now I'm 12dpo and just waiting. I'll keep ya posted and good luck. HSG wasn't bad either and it will be worth it if we get pregnant soon!


aish - September 23

hey frnds i will go for my HSG this thursday during my dry days..
is it difficult to conceive(that month) after HSG test .i am confused...please reply


Sugar Bear - September 25

Thanks so much for your response Kerri. It was very helpful. Well Aish, It is not difficult to receive after the test, in fact I have read that it makes you more than 30% more fertile. How did it go this Thursday. I go on Tuesday. I will keep you all updated.


Jenny - September 26

I had an HSG/LAP done. We have been ttc for a year. All my blood work and hubby's SA came back great...but they did find a little endo- they lasered it, but tubes were all clear and the "O" factories looked great, so hopefully oct. will be our month! :) Good luck to everyone else!! It's so hard waiting!!


Kerri - September 26

Like I stated in my early post....HSG done in July. I got my first BFP this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! HSG was great for me! Good luck and I wish the same for you


Jenny - September 26

Congrats, Kerri!! :) Good luck!!


gi23 - September 26

Great news Jenny.. I had an HSG done the beginning of this month so i'm hoping for the BFP this month!!! Keep yoru fingers crossed


aish - September 26

thans sugar bear for the info... i will go this thursday 28.. i hope everything went well... best of luck to u & all


Sugar Bear - September 26

Thanks everyone for you response. They are very encouraging. I have my HSG tomorrow at 1:00pm, I will keep you all updated.


Sugar Bear - September 27

Hello everyone, I had my HSG this afternoon, and I was told that my right tube is open and that the left tube is partially block with very little dye going through. The doctor told me that if I ovulate from the right ovary, then I should be okay, but if I ovulate from the left tube then it will be not get to the egg. So I just hope that I ovulated from the right side. I think I should ovulate from the right side this cycle since I had lot of pain on the left side last cycle. Here's to waiting. As far as for the procedure it wasn't painful at all, not even cramping, sl spotting which is expected.


KT - September 27

I call the HSG my miracle test- you have a three month window afterwards with increased fertility. Last year I had my first HSG (after several failed IUIs) and got pregnant the month after the test, unfortunately I M/C. After several more months of failed IUIs and no pregnancy, we decided to do another HSG to try to recreate the conditions of the first time I got pregnant. It worked! I got pregnant two months after the HSG that time and I am now 17 weeks into a normal pregnancy. Good luck!


mtnlass - August 10



Terrie - August 10

Sugar Bear, I had my HSG done on January 9th of this year. My dh and I bd from January 11th through January 20th...everyday!! I got my BFP on February 2nd (I believe we conceived around January 17th). I am now over 7 months pregnant - due in October!! The HSG for me was a little painful (everyone is different) but very worth it in the end....as you can see!! Good Luck!!!



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