How long TTC for #2?
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kaitlin - November 13

Just curious how long it took for people to get pregnant with #2? I am still bf-ing #1 (11 mos) and will be stopping soon. Haven't had af yet, but hope to get it soon after weaning. Any stories on how long it took for #2 once AF back? Thanks. It took awhile TTC #1, so I"m worried (I'm 34). Thx.


lovemy3 - November 13

My first 3 I got pregnant the first month with each, now ttc#4 and I'm in my 7th month of ttcing- go figure! My last was born at 34 and I am now 37 and that seems to be the issue, my eggs are that much older.


ali d - November 14

Hi Kaitlin, I am 5 mths pregnant with #2 - I have a 4 year old little boy. It took about 3/4 mths of TTC before I fell pregnant with him, so I really presumed this time round it would take if not at least as long, then a little longer...however I fell PG on the 1st month of trying! I am also 34 years old and this was another factor why I thought it may take a little longer than the norm. I do feel extremely lucky conceiving in the 1st month though as I know the odds of this happening are really low. Good luck in your TTC and I hope this happens for you when you want it to!!


Parul - November 14

Hi Kaitlin...I will be turning 35...became pregnant with my 1st while on the pill....we have been TTC for #2 for about 19 mths luck yet.....I may have PCOS...doing some test now....don't give up yet about 85% of women get pregnant within the year...if no luck you should talk to your refer you to a gyno or a specialist...due to age. Best of luck.


kaitlin - November 15

Thanks everyone. I haven't stopped breastfeeding yet, so I still haven't gotten my period, so I'm just not even sure I'm ovulating yet (probably not) so I can't say we're trying. I assume when I stop breastfeeding next month af will come back and then we can start. I really hope it doesn't take long but I guess my age makes it likely that it will take awhile. Took a few tries for #1, but I'm just so in love with him that I'd love to do this all over again, if I'm so lucky.



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