How do you track Basal Body Temp for conseption???
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Blaire - September 4

I have heard allot of women talking about tracking their temperature in order to tell when they are ovulating. How do you use this method? Can I use a digital thermomiter??


isa - September 5

Go to this site it explains it all very well for you.
Yes digital is the best. The ones that actually say basal body temps cost more and the reading i do says it doesnt matter but they are more money. The nice feature on them is they have a memory so if your tired and dont remember to write your temp down it is saved.


D. - September 6

Also, get the book "taking charge of your fertility". It will explain everything far better than we can. It gets pretty involved (but it's not hard). And check out or


me - September 9

It is easy...All you do is use a mercury thermometer to take your temp at the same time every morning before you get out of bed. Make sure you don't do anything before you get out of bed, including smoking, sitting up, going to the bathroom ,etc... Write it down on a calendar and shake it down for the next morning's use. Make sure you shake it down the night before because any motion in the morning can give you an inaccurate temp. Good luck.



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