help me please
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belinda - December 10

hi my husband and i are trying for our second child and we fell within the first two weeks with my 13 month old and we are having no luck as yet...after getting the implanon out in february my periods are very irregular my gp is not concerned but i am...does this mean im not ovulating?what can i do help fall pregnant,do i stand on my head after sex? desperate


MuzikGurl - December 11

Please don't stand on your head...1 it's too dangerous..and 2 it doesn't work just a myth. I'm assuming gp is general practictioner (sp?) or family doctor? I would go to an ob/gyn type of doctor for this kind of issue as well as educate myself a little bit more on how to fall pregnant. Just be thankful you are able to have one I mean a lot of women including myself haven't evenhad number 1 yet so I wouldn't be that desperate as you seem to be....hope u get the answers u need...good luck and baby dust!



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