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kris - November 21

i knew we are most fertile during ovulation-it seems mine gets creamy -waterish (is that ovulation ?) does that mean the "EGG" already dropped or about to drop. Am i most fertile before that watery cm -during or immediately after. OH- when we ovulate is it best to BD everyday or every other day ?


kris - November 22

does anyone knew ?


AnnaR. - November 22

Yes that creamy-waterish cm could mean that you are ovulating! Are you on any fertility drug? Im was on clomid and that made my cm the same way as what you described plus that egg white stretchy mucus so believe me when us ladies have that kind of signs we need to bd everyother day i have been bd every other day 3x a day. Morning, Noon, and night. TTC#2 for 3 yrs and a half. Good luck to you and baby dust....


me - November 27

I never got ewcm. I got watery a few days before O and creamy for a few days after O. In my opinion, when you first start feeling the dryness going away around CD 9 or 10, I would start bding every other day. When you get the watery cm, start bding every day (as long as your hubby has normal sperm count). When it gets to creamy again, I would bd every other day again until AF shows up. That worked for me. When in doubt, bd one time every other day to maximize the sperm. Bding 3x a day is too much and doesn't give the sperm enough time to replenish the volume. You are most fertile a few days before O and the day of O. Good luck!



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