Has anyone conceived taking fertility blend?
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summertime - August 3

I just started taking fertility blend and just wanted to know if anyone really was able to get preggo using this stuff. i don't want to go to clomid yet so since i don't ovulate im taking fb. after my birth control it looks like i completly stopped me from ovulating. i've been of it for 8 months now.


jal239 - August 3


I would love to know the same thing. I went off the pill in May and have only had on AF since & that was with the help of Provera. I have read in a forum awhile ago that someone was swearing by it and that it works. I have just started charting but I have no idea if I am ovulating. I am so scared that the pill has messed me up for good. Good luck!!!


summertime - August 3

jal239, i haven't had a period on my own either. I just took provera last month and the next day after i was done taking the pills i finally got one. I actully felt normal there for awhile. i'm hoping this stuff works. i know exactly how you feel i'm scared the birth control messed me up too 8 months is a long time to not ovulate. i took an ovuylation test in april and it came back pos. im sure it had to be that the test was wrong because i took it again the next day and it was neg. again. and i still didn't get a period so im sure i didn't O. but as for the FB i'm just praying that it works. Good luck to You to!!!


jal239 - August 3

Did you buy the FB already? I am considering buying it as well. I have a real bad stomach ache(right above my ovaries) and I feel somewhat tired. I feel bloated too. I got my period the day after taking Provera but it only lasted 3 days(that was July 17-19). I have no idea of when I am suppose to get another AF. Is FB suppose to help get you regular? I am taking prenatal vitamins and FB says you can ake it in conjunction w/ FB. I have no idea when I can take a hpt to determine of I am pregnant. We BD on the 27th, 32st & 1st, but I don't know if I O'd b/c I was keeping track of my CM. I started tracking yesterday. What has your doctor said about your AF & O? What is there game plan is you don't mind me asking. I want to try and steer clear of Clomid as much as possible. From what I have read it just seems to makes things worse. Let me know.


summertime - August 4

jal239: yeah i just bought it last week and been taking 3 a day since. when i got af it lasted 7 days and was heavier than what i used to get. I'm trying to stay clear from clomid also. i haven't really heard anything that bad about it i would just like to know that i conceived my first child by myself. If nothing works for the next 6 months then "maybe" i'll try clomid. On the FB bottle it says that if you don't conceive in 6 months then you should go to the doc. so we'll see what happens, it's a long process though. I really hope everything goes good for you! It sounds a bit weird to me that you only got af for 3 days. If i were you i would go to the doc. and take a blood test just to make sure.I'm hoping this fb stuff really works. Oh and yeah it's suppose to help regulate your period. Good Luck!!!


jal239 - August 5


I sis have a blood test done before I started on Provera to be sure I wasn't pregnant. I think I am going to buy a bottle of FB. Do you think the heavier AF were from the FB? Also, have you talked to your gyno about taking this? It says on the bottle that gyno's recommend it, but I haven't heard about it before. I don't know if I should call my gyno and ask about it or just start taking it.


summertime - August 7

Jal239: Yeah i talked to my gyno about it and she said that if i wanted that i could try it there's no harm in trying it. no the fb did'nt make my period heavier i didn't start taking it untill after my af. i really think fb works in some way. my nipples hurt a lot right now and the side of by breats are starting to hurt, which is great b/c i haven't had that since i used to get my period on my own. so either i'm getting my period on my own, it's a side affect from the pills or i'm pregnat wich i really hope for. i'm not taking a test though untill i see how i feel this month and if i don't get e period then i'll take one. i couldn't stand looking at another neg hpt.


jal239 - August 7


Good luck. I hope you get your bfp. I don't think I am preggo. I am having achy back and a little bit of cramps but other that that, nothing. I had my last af July 17-19 from Provera. I find it so difficult to determine exactly how my cm is. My temp has remained the same 96.6 which I though was failrly low. Let me know how you make out. I think I am going to buy fb is I get a bfn, which I think I will.


summertime - August 8

hey jal239: i was looking some stuff up about the effects of fb and it looks like my breast hurt b/c of that. I also took a pregg test and it was neg, i couldn't wait. i just feel like af is coming which isn't that bad because at least i know it made my af come on it's own w/o provera. so little by little i'm becoming normal again.


[email protected] - December 8

hiii i just brought fb i been trying for years no luck and hoping to god this will work,,waiting for fb to come in the mail...


Nikki101 - December 9

I had took it and it didn't work for me.


[email protected] - December 9

did you use anything to help you do you have a baby now


Nikki101 - December 9

I just recently had my 1st iui Tuesday, wit 50mg of clomid so by faith I have one on d way.


[email protected] - December 9

ok how long have you been trying for ,,and yes i wish you luck


Nikki101 - December 9

Iv'e been trying for 18 months. You may want to go to a specialist to make sure nothing major is wrong that's keeping you from becoming pregnant tho.


[email protected] - December 9

yes i go on tuesday for my gyn and i am gonna talk to her about this matter i am worry and stress on its been 9 years so i know something wrong ,,,so i am hoping to take all the steps i need,,,thanks for your advice..good luck for us


Nikki101 - December 10

Ur gyn may have ur partner to do a SA 1st days wat mine had did wen he did his 1st SA his count was really low, wen we did d 2 nd one it had gotten better wer we cantry iui n d one he did b4 we did d iui was a normal count right on d line n I thank God 4 dat n hope my iui was a success



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