Frustrating waiting
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Shells - July 14

Am I the only one getting frustrated waiting to see if I'll get my period month after month?That is almost the worst part for me waiting hoping my period won't come praying that I'm pregnant and then my period comes.I wish there was a way to tell if I'm pregnant before that.


Staci - July 14

Are you taking your BBT? There is a way to tell with that. Your body temp always rises after you ovulate. If your body temp stays high for 18 consecutive days you are most likely prego. Have you read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It is a really good book and I highly recommend it.


Jamie - July 14

I read that book and it is a wonderful resource. It saved me a ton of money on preg. tests! Charting your BBT is very easy and it allowed me to see that I wasn't ovulating. I would go through the same thing month after month with no pos. preg. test. Then once I started charting, I soon learned what was going on. I highly recommend it. It is a nice first step in trying to conceive!


Shells - July 14

Thank you so much for the suggestion,I will definately start doing that and get that book.


Jamie - July 14

I found the book at to be reasonably priced! Good luck!



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