First time on chlomid
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aneta1 - March 22

hi huktress, I normally don't post but I had to reply to your post. You have been taking chlomid for 18months? I thought that is too long to take chlomid as it has a risk of ovarian cancer b/c you are producing more eggs due to the medicine and that process increases the chances of ovarian cancer. Since you have faced two miscarriages, I think you should try medicine, Metformin. It is commonly recommended for PCOS patients. And please change your doctor and go to a Reproductive Endochronologist. It seems to me that your doctor is not treating you correctly. Good Luck. Sorry about the miscarriages. It was sad to hear.


kiahleigh - March 22

Hi I'm new to most of this I do have one daughter is who is 5 I had her when I was 22 I don't remember it being difficult to become pregnant then, then again I wasn't trying to concieve. My doctor gave me a rx for clomid I chose the generic form clomiphene citrate its 50 mg, I have actually had it filled for about 3 months yet and havent takin it. I want to start taking it my next cylcle which should be around the 25-27 of this month. For the last couple days I have been taking a multivitamin (centrum), folic acid 800mcg, fish oil omega 3 1000 mg, b-12 500 mcg. My husband has been taking the mulit-vit, folic acid, fish oil, and B12 as well. All of the things were mentioned above on the internet to prepare my body. My doctor recommended to start the clomid on days 5-9 funny thing is he is a new OB of mine and does not speak to well of english or I just can't understand him well. He didn't run any test I told him we wanted to have another child and he pulled out the rx pad. I didn't even know what clomid was until I came home and googled it that evening and I was a bit floored that he prescribed it to me without knowing much history. Anyways we have been having unprotected intercourse for the past 8 months with no results so maybe we do need it. Basically I'm on here for two reason first one for support from people doing the same as I, and adivice on clomid and its results. so I have a few questions that I would like to ask. First one is what days have better results? I've seen several and don't know why my doc said 5-9 without knowing much history or even my cylcle length. Is there anything else we can do to increase the result of clomid like robitussin, baby asprin, lubricants, sexual postions and any other things ya'll might know. All these vitamins we are taking is that really linked to concieving or is it pointless. Also husbands father is a twin would that affect us? also I am a diet pepsi junkie started trying to drink more water but still crave my diet soda and drink anywhere from 3-6 a day will this affect anything? What time of the day is it best to take the clomid or anything else you reccomend I take? I think that is it for now and would have asked the doc all this but as I said couldn't really understand him. Currently I'm looking for a new Ob.Thanks ladies and good luck to you all. I guess learning the lingo here will help me to shorten my post how many days after taking clomid do you ususally ovulate, I have a regular cycle its been the same for a couple years I get my period around the 25th

I wrote this on another thread but I think this one more relates to my question


akk - March 27

We tried for 2 years and my 1st month on clomid i got pregnant. I thought for sure I wouldn't because there is A LOT of pressure emotionally and also when and how often you should have sex once you do ovulate. We weren't able to follow the doc's orders exactly, but it still worked. Now my baby boy is 8 months old and i am getting ready to call the doc and get back on clomid. I was really emotional that entire month, which could have been a side effect or could have been just me, and I was really crampy too.


andrea o - March 31

Hi! This was my first month on Clomid, I did not have many effects from the drug, maybe a little moodiness, nothing bad. I had a follicle count today, and everything is looking good, we are scheduling an IUI in a few days. I have not heard many people talk about doing an IUI with the Clomid?? I did have to go on the pill last month to take care of a few cysts on my ovaries, which caused a lot of lower abdominal discomfort, so I possibly missed the from the Clomid, thinking it was still from the cysts. And I do see a lot of people started on 50 mg of Clomid, I was put on 100mg right away. Good luck to everyone trying to conceive, please let me know if you are looking at or have done IUI;)


LiciaLu - April 11

Hello all :] I am also trying to conceive. I stopped having my cycle in January this year, so I went to the Dr and they found that I had PCOS & I was terrified. They put me on provera to start my cycle and I got it on March 28th. So then they scheduled me for a blood draw on the April 18th to see if I ovulated, if not they plan to put me on Clomid. However just yesterday my Dr called me and suggested I take a rx that is actually for insulin resistance but apparently it also makes women very fertile. I dont have a problem with insulin but they know how anxious we are to get pregnant, so they said it cant harm me and to give it a try if I want to. So I am. Has anyone else heard of doing this??? Well anyhoo, I asked if they still intended to put me on the Clomid after my blood draw on the 18th, they said yes and that the 2 drugs together would not harm me. I have become pregnant before but miscarried in my second month, so I know I can get pregnant. I just have this sense of impending doom as though it will never happen for me. Finding this board helps relieve a little bit of the worry, but I'm still so unsure.

-Worried In Ohio-


annmc28 - May 14

hi ive got pcos also no right tube due to having appenditics out when i was 6month pregnant, im on clomid have been since last july, i dint ovulate last month so i tuck 2 tablets for 5days but on day 3 i had pink/brown discharge with blood spots what could it be? please help


MelDH777 - May 18

Hi! This is my first time on Chlomid also! I am on day 14 and took it days 5-9 of my cycle also, I too have noticed a loss of apetite and dry mouth. There is a lot of pressure when you're trying to conceive and I think that is my problem, everyone has told me don't think about it, don't stress about it and let it happen when it happens.... easier said that done! It's nice to hear from people hat are going through the same things, I've heard good and bad things about chlomid! Let's just keep thinking postitive! Stay optomistic!


Mama1 - August 22

Hi. Im new here. 4 years ago- I concieved and had my beautiful baby boy, Caiden. After his father and i had him, we ended up getting married 2 1/2 years ago. Sounds like a great fairy-tale ending, for some. Trouble started when we are now trying to concieve #2 on purpose. After a year of trying, and no period since june, i found out I have PCO, and they are putting me on clomid, and i think its called hcg shots, that my husband has to administer, and im now on prenatal vitamins too. I am a little worried, about everything. They are testing my husband this week, and Im just scared that all 3 rounds of clomid wont take, or have really bad effects on me. Im excited that I can get pregnant- but i have a history of family with issues during pregnancy, before and after. turns out the infertilty dr, Im now seeing is the same one that saved my sisters life with an eptopic pregnancy, and helped her concieve many years back. Im so scared, and nervous. any suggestions how to clear and ease my mind, and is there anything i need to know about clomid, because my mom told me to be careful on it?? Thank you in Advance. ~Stephanie~


wannabmom - August 28

Hi! This is my first month on Clomid and my husband and I have been trying for a year now to have a baby and we got pregnant twice but both ending in a miscarriage by the 2nd month. My doctor put me on Clomid and I am only on Day 3 of taking it.


jebbie - September 5

Our doc suggests going to 150 mg of chlomid, up from 100 mg after only two cycles. Anyone think that's overly aggressive? We've heard about a side effect where the ovarian lining thins out and makes it tougher to get pregnant. Thanks.


bikerbaby - September 10

Hello everyone, nice to hear all the support you give each other, I too started clomid for 1st time. I had a D21 pg of over 100 so know i ovulated. The AF? sorry dont understand this but assume its the start of the period for me has been very light less than before i went onto clomid, is this what you would expect? My body still feels odd and bloated (but hpt on day 28 was -ve)


Tina Marie - September 22

Hi! Here it is-I have been lucky enough to be pregnant twice. I miscarried before my 4.5 year old was conceived. We are both 35, my 2nd and new hubby and I have been trying for 9 months. My doc put me on clomid 50mg day 6-10.My guy tested great ..Question I didn't ov until day 22 as far as ov sticks said! Anyone else ov this late? I usually have 30 day cycle ov on 18. Side effects I 've hade very moody and crampy and broken out! C'est la Vie! Best of luck to us all!


Saraw - March 18

hello all :). I am thinking about getting cholmid. Good thing or bad thing?


ttclilmama - March 28

Just finished my 1st round of clomid, took my last pill today. Will see how this goes, have a dr. apt April 6th. What should I expect? This is my first time taking it.


wishongonstar - March 30

Hi Everyone,
this is my first time on any board. This is also my first time on clomid. My dh and I have been trying to concieve for a year and no luck. This morning I took my first dose of Clomid 100mg. I didn't notice anything but I sleep during day and work overnight. Hopefully this will work soon.


ttclilmama - April 6

Had my after clomid check up today, Dr is pretty sure i ovulated doing blood work to make sure, should find out tomorrow. If i did and have not started in 10 days i will be taking a pg test. I am so excited, cant wait to see what happens. :)



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