First time on chlomid
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Elizabeth - May 22

Hi! This is this is my first time on this board and on clomid. I am very excited because my dh and I have been trying for a long time, but I am afraid the pressure of trying to concieve will actually prevent us. Does anyone have any suggestions? Today is day 11 and I took the chlomid days 5-9. I have had a loss of appetite and have been very thirsty, but those are the only side effects so far.


Kelly - May 22

Hi Elizabeth and welcome!! I just my first round of clomid as well. I am on cd 19. I do not have any preggo symptoms though, as a matter of fact I feel menstrual like cramps already. I had only mild side effects also. I get blood drawn on mon to see if I ovulated. I am not very optimistic that I got preggo,but I will be happy if I did ovulate. How about you?? Are you scheduled for bloodwork also. I wish you lots of baby blessings.


Elizabeth - May 22

I am supposed to call the doctor on cd 14 to have my blood drawn on cd 21 to see if I ovulated. I am really hoping that we have luck with chlomid. My husband has been checked and everything is good with him. I don't want to get excited because I know this can take months, but it is nice to be hopeful. I hope you the best of luck to you as well! How many many mg of chlomid are you taking?


Melissa - May 22

Hi Elizabeth, I am on day 13 and this is my first round of clomid also. I know what you mean about the stress of trying. I've found that I have a bit more hope this month because I've also been charting my temp and cervix. I have now moved from medium to high position. So, hopefully that means tomorrow I will O. good luck. We are all here to support you. :-)


Elizabeth - May 22

Thanks Melissa! It is so nice to receive support! I know that when it is our time, we will get pregnant, but it is still hard month after month to find out that we are not. I have heard both good and bad things about chlomid. Does anyone else seem extremely thirsty while taking chlomid?


Jill - May 22

I took Clomid for my cycle this month. I'd never taken it before, but my aunt had and I talked to her about it. I didn't get thirsty, but boy was I moody! We find out the big news on Monday afternoon! I'm hoping.


kelly - May 23

I am on 50mg. How about you?


Elizabeth - May 23

I am currently on 50 mg. Does anyone know when to start using an OPK? I heard that you are supposed to wait at least 3 days after you stop taking chlomid so that you don't get a false positive, so I don't know when to start testing. Any insight would be great!


Cami - May 23

Hi - I am also on my first round of clomid and have been thirsty too. I am also experiencing hot flashes where I get real flushed. I had an HSG done on April 27th. Then I requested that my hormone level be checked so I had a blood test on day 21. For some reason I started my period on day 24- the nurse said that sometimes this happens after having an HSG. My progesterone came back borderline,a 7, so my doctor wanted me to begin Clomid. My husband has been against taking clomid and we have been trying to have another baby for 5 years. I took Clomid last week, but my doctor told me to start it on Day 1. Are you all taking Clomid on Day 5-9? I am concerned because today is day 8 and now I am spotting again? Did anyone have spotting after taking Clomid? I am going to call my doctor tom. I miscarried last school year at ten weeks so I'm paranoid when I spot when I'm not supposed to. Good Luck to all of you-I'll keep you in my prayers- Cami


Melissa - May 23

I'm also on 50mg and am dying of thirst and have had hot flashes. Also, man am I grumpy! I hope it works this month. I have not been advised to get blood drawn. I wonder why?


jennifer - May 23

hi elizabeth,
this is my first clomid exp. too. I am on CD21 I took 100 mg and hated the effects I looked like I swallowed a huge water ballon and it's sitting in my belly.
The cramping was and stil is bad for me but...everyone is different. Good luck The OPKs aren't always accurate I used the fertile focus microscope and the sticks and they both said different stuff.
Does anyone know implantaion cramps could star? I have alot of cramps and no bleeding yet?
Good Luck to all- Try to be patient and I know it will happen for all-It is so great that there are so many forums you can read and bitch to-


cami - May 23

I had spotting too.very light pink on day 14-i did research and found that it could be from a rise of estrogen at the time of ovulation.are you suppose to be ovulating at this time?


Melissa - May 23

Hi Jennifer. I had cramping the week prior to when I was supposed to start af (for the whole week) when I was pg with my son. Cami, you ovulate mid cycle, so if you are on day 14 this is normal.


Drew - May 24

Hi ladies, I am also on Clomid. I started May 5, day 3 of my cycle till day 7-100mg. I have noticed that not many were advised to start on the third day of their cycle... is there a "right" day to start it? Gosh this is confusing!!! Good luck to all!


Melissa - May 24

Hi Drew I started on cd 5, but I have read that you can start as early as cd 1 and as late as cd 5. It all depends on the dr, person, and situation.


Serena - May 26

I am on my first round of Clomid also, however, we will also may be using IUI. I hope that the pressure of it all doesn't prevent conception. I didn't feel stressed until I started taking the pill and the realization that pregnancy isn't going to happen naturally. I have only been taking it for three days and I don't know if it is my imagination or if I am really getting bloated.


Gracie - May 27

Drew, I am taking clomid cd 3-7 also and just upped to 100 mg.



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