First time on chlomid
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Gracie - May 27

Drew, I am taking clomid cd 3-7 also and just upped to 100 mg.


Kelly - May 27

Well ladies I found out Tuesday that I did not ovulate on my first round of clomid. My progesterone was 5.7 on cd21. Now I must take provera for 10days on cd30, wait, and try 100mg of clomid. I am not looking forward to the side effects from that, however if I ovulate it will be well worth it!!! I have also been instructed to take cd 3-7. Baby blessings to all!!


Crystal - May 27

Hey Kelly! It sounds like we are in the same boat. I dont have af at all if I dont take provera or bc. Do you? Good luck with the next round of clomid. I am on cd 9. Today is my last pill of the 100mg. I will know start using the opk's to see when and if I ovulate. I then go in for 21 day test. We are just hoping for the best. Good luck to you !!!


sabrina - June 2

Hi, this is my first time too, yes i do feel very thirsty and am getting hot flushes. I also have a rash on my body and my face. I dont know if this is usual. I feel bloated too.


Melissa - June 2

Hi Sabrina. If you have a rash you should get it checked out right away. Have you called your doctor?


Melissa - June 2

Ok, I haven't been instructed to get blood drawn on cd 21. Is there anybody else who is not getting blood drawn?


Melissa - June 2

Kelly, where you charting or anything? Did you have eggwhite cm? Just wondering. I think I'm right around the same cd as you.


Angie - June 2

melissa, i dont have to get my blood check as well, but i dont have pcos or anything like that, however i do have irregular period, so in order for me to get pregnant faster she suggested to take clomid. Now this is my second cycle and so far nothing yet. Good luck and hope this helps...


Melissa - June 2

Thanks Angie. I alos do not have PCOS. They did find a (one) cyst that she said would go away on it's own. I've also be keeping track and realized I wasn't o'ing. That's why my dr put me on the clomid. Thanks Angie.


Kelly - June 2

MELISSA, no I do not chart becaue I get up in the morning at different times and cannot take temp at same time every morning. Also, no eggwhite cm. CRYSTAL, I have good news. I started af on my own. I did not ovulate, but I did not have to wait for af after taking provera. So, I am now on cd7 and will finish up my last dose of 100mg of clomid tonite. I guess you are cd14 today, right? Did you have any side effects on the 100mg? Let me know how your cd21 bloodwork turns out. I wish all of you ladies the best!!! Baby dust *:*:*:*:



HELLO, EVERYONE! I did not know that I was NOT alone in this baby quest! First, thank everyone for sharing with me your situations. I feel less pressure knowing that I am not the only female struggling in this. I have a question for the clomid users. Has anyone experienced SEVERE breast tendernous while on clomid? I am on my first round of 50mg and i started on day 5 (May 11), but for the past week my breast have been HORRIBLY tender. Is this a common side effect? I also have been having horrible cramping (period like cramps) since the breast tenderness began. Anyone else have these symptoms?


Crystal - June 2

Congrats Kelly! I am so Happy for you! I didnt notice any different side effects from the 100mg. I am on cd 15 today. I hate this 2WW. I really hope it works for me this time. If not I am switching to drs. I go to an OB right now but if I am not pregant this round I am going to go to the RE at Duke here in NC. I will keep you updated when I get my blood work done. I am using OPK's and i got a faint line on Monday. Then I took another one last night and there was nothing. So hopefully that wasnt just an evaporation line and was the real thing. Hey to everyone else!!! Hope things are going good for everyone!


Crystal - June 2

Oh and by the way Kelly where are you from? My email is [email protected] if you want to email me sometime.


Melissa - June 2

I am feeling some nausia today. Did any of you feel nausiated? If so when did it start for you?


Kelly - June 2

Crystal, I am from Rock Hill,SC. So, you are not to far away from me. I feel like you--I am not going to my reg obgyn if the 100mg does not make me ovulate. I have scheduled an appt.w/an RE at Carolina's Medical Women's Institute in Charlotte. Of course I hope you or I either one have to go!! Maybe this will be our month. If you would like to email me as well I am at [email protected].



Melissa, I also have had the nausea (and still do). It started on day 19 for me.



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