fertili tea 2
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jessica21 - June 7

i took a pregancy test on 6-06-06 . its said not pregnant. im still late for my period. i had real bad strong pain. that i had to lay down. i am going to stop dring the tea for know til i get my period . if you know any more info about fertili tea or any thing please wright back. thanks. any thing you might have to say to me may help thanks


linds99 - June 7

Fertilitea has a mixture of herbs, (vitex), green tea (whcih has caffeine in it) and I think the raspberry leaf if I am not mistaken (which is something you should not have during the luteal phase since it causes contractions in the uterus.) Perhaps your pain may have been contractions in the uterus. Or it could have been ovulation pain or a cyst. I've taken fertilitea and it has caused very "strong" ovulation pains for me...however, I have PCOS, and it is hard for me to decipher whether it actually is ovulation pains. But based on my temp increase and LH surge on my monitor, I believe from experience that the tea has indeed sped up my ovulation a few days...but have made them more powerful.



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