Does your ovulation pain last for days?
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emeliz - April 18

My cycles are regular, OPKs say I'm ovulating every month, and I get pain at O tim every month. Problem is every month I have at least 3 days of steady, moderate-to-intense pain, and after that 2 or 3 days of mild-to-moderate pain. It feels like what I've read O pain is supposed to feel like, but how/why does it last that long? I had a normal sonogram and am getting HSG done next month. I have mild endometriosis but was on pill for 13 years up till we started TTC 6 months ago, so I would think the endo. was under control. And I don't even know if the endo. could be causing this extended O pain. It really puts a damper on BD when we're supposed to be doing it. (I envy those women who crave sex around O time!) Anybody else have O pain that lasts longer than 24-48 hrs.? If so, do you know causes and how do you cope?


emeliz - April 19

I'm updating this post to get it nearer the top of the queue. 6 days ago I had a positive on the OPK, and started feeling what I thought was O pain. It's now 6 days of almost steady pain. Surely I am no longer ovulating. What the heck is going on? Ladies, I would love some feedback. Anyone else who is in their mid 30s (I'm almost 35), not on any fertility drugs, and has relentless O pain for more than 24-48 hrs.? Thanks!


NicoleM - April 19

I have this happen often. DH is an MD and explained that you can have a corpus luteum cyst that persists for awhile after O. Usually they just resolve themselves. My worst one lasted over a month, but usually they will only hurt until AF. My RE suspects I have endo too, so I don't know how much of the pain may be due to that. I am 30 and am getting ready to start on clomid for the first time, but have never been on fertility meds before.


tonyaandjoe - April 19

i am 33 and my pains usually last a week before Af, mine is usually very painful.usually after AF comes then a couple of days later i stop hurting and have a little cramps every now and then.


emeliz - April 20

Thanks Nicole & Tonya. When I had a sonogram a couple months back, it did show I had a corpus luteum cyst, so maybe I'm prone to these (I don't think they happen to all women at every O time?)and maybe that's causing the extra pain every month. + My dr. said too that CL cysts are normal and resolve on their own. (Dr. also said if you're pregnant the CL cyst can last 6 wks. as it secretes progesterone that helps the pregnancy along). Isn't it interesting how O-related pain can be more painful than from AF? I guess that's the silver lining--AF seems mild in comparison.


Tink - April 20

my o pain (on meds) lasted days and was pretty bad. i also have a tendency to get cysts, but that again is while on fertility meds. the cysts can cause the pain you are describing and usually they just go away on their own before next cycle. if you are on meds, they should be monitoring you to check exactly for this. if not, just mention it to your doc and perhaps they can check for the cysts and help with the pain a little or at least give you peace of mind of what it is. I had endo as well. i was on the pill for 10 years and the pill did nothing for it. it comes back. i had a lap in october and they removed 5 mild spots of endo. endo does grow back and could be the cause of the pain too. good luck


zimba - April 23

Hi. I experience o pain too for two to three days at a time. Anyway i think its o pain because round about the same time i have the egg white cm and at time i feel nauseous.


emeliz - April 26

I'm not on any meds. Am going for an HSG in a couple wks. to make sure tubes are ok (sonogram was clear but i want to be more thorough). i'm thinking this is just extra pain each month from the cysts that resolve on their own. it just sucks that it lasts so long. there's only so much ibuprofen i want to take!! i feel out of touch with my body when pain gets masked by meds. maybe that's irrational?.... as for the egg-white CM, i haven't encountered that yet in the 6 months i've been ttc. we did try Pre-Seed this past month but we'll have to keep trying because i'm about to get AF. oh well.......


emeliz - April 26

oh, and zimba, i too get a little queezy around O time. also v. depressed. i read somewhere recently that women who feel sluggish around O time may have an excess of progesterone but i'm stretching my memory on this. anyone else heard this?


lovemy3 - April 26

Mine sounds exactly like that.


cspears99 - April 26

Hi emiliz I have ovulation pain every month I can barely walk for days sometimes 5, just this week on cycle day 28, which I normally get my af every 31 days so just before my af having lots of pain like ovulation but didn't think it was that so dr wanted to see me, maybe a cyst from infertility drugs that I was on 3 months ago, but wasn't actually saw two giant follicles???? soooo I actually produced follicles twice this month of course don't know if I actually ovulated but had the pain twice this month this time it was 4 days and earlier this month it was for 3??? and we have been ttc for over 2 1/2 yrs, hope that helps, so it is normal, good luck to you!!


emeliz - May 15

I will be 35 in a few weeks and haven't tried fertility meds. I just had HSG done and it showed clear tubes/uterus. Sonogram was normal too. My dr. thinks my O pain is from endometriosis outside the repro. organ area. She says I need a laparoscopy to know for sure. I did have mild endo. diagnosed when I was 20 (via laparoscopy to remove a benign ovarian cyst) and I was on the pill for 13 yrs. until we started ttc 6 months ago. I just asked the following in a post on endometriosis but I'll throw it in here for the heck of it: does anyone know if/how endometriosis could affect fertility if it's not in your tubes/utuerus?



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