Does Smoking effect conception?
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shopgrl01 - August 9

My question is does smoking effect conception? My husband and i have been trying to concieve since Oct. I have become pregnant once and M/C on my 8wk mark. Of course i quite smoking the minute i got a positive result at home which was a day before my period was do. But after my M/C i started smoking again. Now we have been trying since April which was one month after my M/C and we have had no luck. Of course i am working of quiting. Actually i am pretty much almost completly rid of the habbit except for occasionally. Any words of wisdom, does it effect my ability to concieve?


Jill - August 9

According to everything I've read, your body automatically suppresses ovulation when you smoke. Some women ovulate anyway, obviously, but different women react differently. Good luck!


D. - August 9

Not only can smoking affect whether an egg can implant, it also ages your eggs. A recent study said by as much as 10 years. So, if you're 30, smoking may make your eggs seem like a 40 year olds. Read this ------ Smoking adds years to reproductive age
Source: Human Reproduction 2005; Not yet available online

Evaluating the association of lifestyle and reproductive factors with the likelihood of a successful first IVF attempt.

Dutch research highlights the devastating impact of smoking on IVF success, with the discovery that its effects approximate to adding up to 10 years to a woman's reproductive age.

The findings are based on data for 8457 women who underwent a first course of IVF in The Netherlands between 1983 and 1995. At the time, more than 40 percent of the women were smokers and over 7 percent were overweight with a body mass index of 27 kg/m2 or greater.

Overall, the live birth rate was 15.2 percent. Smoking cut the odds of live birth by 28 percent, in comparison with non-smokers, and its effect was even more marked in women with unexplained subfertility, in whom rates were reduced to 13 percent, compared with 20 percent for controls.

Being overweight also drastically impaired fertility chances, reducing live birth rates by a third, and, as with smoking, the effect was particularly pronounced in cases of unexplained subfertility (13 percent vs 20 percent), the authors note.

"The positive news from our results, however, is that they suggest that couples - in particular, women with unexplained subfertility - may be able to improve the success of IVF treatment by quitting smoking and losing weight," said the principal investigator Dr. Bea Lintsen from Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre.

Posted: 11 April 2005 ------
It can restrict fetal growth. And if your husband smokes around you, it's as bad as if you smoked yourself. And it will affect your husbands sperm.

Here's another good read ---- http://www.protectyourfertility.


Tieraney - August 24

My husb and i were both moderate smokers ( 1/2-1 pack a day), and conceived with no problems at all, and we are both in our 30's--of course we quit when i found out i was preg in June!! Good luck


? - August 25

you make it seem like thats a good thing to have conceive a baby while smoking


D. - August 25

Of course there are people who can conceive even while smoking, just as there are people who have had healthy children while on crack. But the fact of the matter is that it is still very poorly advised to continue to smoke, or to be around smoke, given what the research is showing. It's better to be safe than sorry. I smoked for 20 years. Was still smoking while trying to conceive. Did two IVFs while still smoking (I smoked 5 cigs a day, by the way, in no way a heavy smoker) and they failed. I quit smoking and was able to get pregnant 3 months later on my own. I lost that baby. I got pg again in October, and lost both of those (there were two sacs). Our eggs begin to actually be selected for ovulation about 5 months before you actually ovulate the given egg. So, the egg you ovulate this month actually started "growing" 5 months ago. It's one of the reasons why we are more likely to miscarry even if we quit while pregnant. I'm thinking that both my pgs happened too soon after I quit. I'm hoping that I'll get pg again and given that I've been clean for so much longer, that this time it'll be a sticky bean. Please quit completely, just while you are trying. And if your husband is smoking, get him to quit too. Just while you are trying. Once you are pg, if you are wanting to go back to it, then go for it. Your adults. Just not around the baby. We all know that second hand smoke is just as dangerous as straight smoking.



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