does he want a baby or not?
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charlotte - September 23

i have been with my bfriend 6 years we are hapy got our own home and financially secure. i had to come come off the pill due to medical reasons and we used condoms for a while, we spoke about 6 months ago about having a baby and he said it was what he wanted but wanted to wait till we sold our house and had moved. since though then we havent been using anything, i asked hiom if he wanted a bay due to this and he said if it happened he would be happy? but it wasnt something he wanted to plan just yet? im so confused, when hes drunk he has told me numerous times he wants to try now, but then its not mensioned again? any advise?


me - September 23

Guys will say anything when they are drunk, so it is better to have these conversations when he is sober. Have a heart to heart with him and see what his issues are. Ask open ended questions to get him to talk. Good luck.



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