does anyone have endometriosis?
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tish - April 25

i was just wondering if anyone has this and what symptoms they had. i have been ttc for 19 months and i am 24 years old. i was wondering because, i have been having a little bit of pain at weird times, like when i run, when i plop down on the couch, if i am walking briskly, etc... i was wondering if this was a sign of endometriosis.


bj - April 26

Hi, tish. I have stage 4 endo. I didn't really have any of those symptoms, but every one is different. The only way to be sure is a laparoscopy. Has your doctor mentioned anything about that?


tish - April 26

no, i haven't seen my doctor yet to tell him about the what's been going on. but i was just wondering since i have been trying for so long, maybe something like that is wrong with me.


bj - April 26

It could be, but you never know. It wouldn't hurt to go ahead and get checked out. Good luck to you!



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