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JULESF - May 21

My dr said that I should get some kind of a shot the day before the insemination,I did not want it,just wondering if anyone else had that shot?


Tink - May 22

Yes, it is called the trigger shot. I used ovidrel. you take it at home (have Dh give it, or give it yourself). it is not painful, comes in a prefilled syringe, you just dart it in and go. in the stomach area. it will make you ovulate about 36 hours later, that way they can time the IUI for the release of your eggs. that shot is all about timing for the ovulation. i usually had to take it at 7pm at night (say on a tuesday night) then i would go in 36 hours later for my IUI (say 9am on a thursday morning).


Sonyamac - May 22

Yes, i had it as well,..that is usually part of having an IUI-it makes you ovulate the follicles that are ready to be fertilized. I would recommend that you speak to your DR. if you have any questions about the Ovidrel, that is what I have taken when I became pregnant in 2005 with my son, and that is also what I have taken this time and I am pregnant again,



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