day 21 test very low
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cw - October 14

i just completed my 2nd round of clomid adn had my day 21 test and it came back at only .5 (normal ranges 10-11 i was told) this is the same level as BEFORE i started the clomid. my doctor bumped up the clomid dosage from 50-100. has anyone else had this problem before? has the clomid helped? i am getting very discouraged!!!!


Mega - October 14

Hi CW. Sorry that the 50 mg. dose didn't work for you. Everyone's different, some people respond well to 50 (I did) and others respond to 100 or 150 but not on the lower doses. And some people respond better to injectibles. It's just a matter of finding what drug (or drug combo) works for you! And you will find that magical equation! Sorry you're feeling discouraged, though I guess we all do sometime since this infertility stuff is so hard. But hang in there. I hope the 100 mg works for you. I'm on 100 mg. this time myself, maybe this cycle will be good for both of us. Good luck!!!


cw - October 14

thanks mega.. i have a little boy he is 6) and i dont remember it being this hard the first time. haha it just bothers me that my levels didnt change at all for 2 months. it makes me wonder what doubling it is going to do? but i guess i am not the doctor and i just have to keep remembering that. i just think that they could do more. do you have any other kids or is this the first? thanks for the encouragment!! good luck this month. i will keep my fingers crossed for both of us


Cendy - October 14

CW, I was on 50 for 3 cycles and my levels were around 15.3 and 16.7. I have been on 100 for 2 cycles and my last level was 27.6 which is an improvement. I think you will do better on the 100s, but Clomid works differently on everyone. BABY DUST!


cw - October 14

thanks cendy! i hope that i at least get past the 10 number this time. i am still just at .5. i guess that means another round of provera and then wait 10 moore days and then start the clomid and wait again!! i ahst this waiting game but i guess that it will be worth it when we finally see a BFP!! good luck this monh girls!!


Mega - October 14

Hi CW! You're welcome! Thank you, I'll keep my fingers' crossed for both of us too!! I'm sorry you're having such trouble conceiving #2. I've heard that so called secondary infertility isn't that uncommon. Isn't it weird though how some people have so much trouble with #1, or #2, or both & other people go on to have a litter! Amazing. As for me, I'm still working on TTC #1 (or hopefully twins!). I agree with Cendy, I'd guess that you'll have a better response to 100 mgs. I hope so!


cw - October 14

thanks for the encouragement! they have also just adjusted my synthroid so i think that may have something to do with it too. how long have you been ttc?


Mega - October 14

I started TTC in Aug. 2004, so just over a year I guess. I found out about 6 mos. ago I have PCOS & my DH has morphology, so we're in that lucky 40% with both male & female issues. Hopefully adjusting the synthoid will help too. I just added Met a couple of months ago so I'm hoping that will help me with the Clomid too. Guess we'll all find out soon. How long have you been trying for #2?


cw - October 14

since 2/05. its funny it took me 6 years to decide that i wanted another one and i just thought that i would have my iud removed and i would be pregnant in a month. ad it has not worked out that way at all!! i have always been alittle irreguar but now it seems that i have stopped ovualting all together. i have onlyhad 4 periods since feb. and they were all induced by provera... hopefully adjusting my thyroid medicine will help with that and then the increased clomid. i am also taking evening primrose oil and robotussin from the beginning of my cycle until what is supposed to be ovulation. i really hope that it works this time! it would be great to get a BFP near my 10 year anniversary. have you tried iui yet?


Mega - October 14

Oh, I hope you get a BFP for your 10th anniversary. What a great present that would be! When is it? Actually, I'm going to have my first IUI next weekend. I'm really excited & feeling pretty positive about it actually. I guess no one really thinks they'll be infertile. Silly me, I thought it would be instant for me, in spite of the fact it took my mom 10 years to conceive me. I come from a long line of women who have trouble conceiving & I thought I'd be the exception. The only person I've ever met that said they were afraid they'd be infertile is 9 mos. pregnant with her first baby, conceived the month BEFORE they were going to officially try. Guess you can never tell, huh?! Good luck with the Evening Primrose Oil, too. I've heard that it helps with ov., and I figure it probably couldn't hurt at any rate. Have you tried Preseed, too? That helps with the CM that Clomid often dries up. Have a great weekend!!


cw - October 15

hi mega! i have not tried the predeed yet. (i think that is all that i have not my 10tyh anniversary is 12/9 so i think that would be a great present!! i have actually gotten pregnant 3 times an dthey were all on my own. the first was a mc the second had alot of problems and he was stillborn and then i had my son. i think that is why it took me so long to want to have another. its funny how i spent 6 years avoiding it and now that is all i can think about. i am really happy for you and your iui. from what i have read it really increases your chances. i just need to get to the point where i can ovulate!! :) how is your dh will all this? mine is supportive but its not that big of a deal for him. hes like it will happen when the time is right. and that drives me crazy! well i hope that you have a great weekend and i will keep my fingers crossed for your iui!


Kerri - October 16

Hi CW---50 mg of Clomid didn't do jack for me---we had to cancel the IUI b/c I had no mature follicles(I have PCOS) We were going to try 100mg next, but I kept temping and using OPK --doctor wanted to start period with provera but I wanted to see if I'd O on my own.....and I did! I O'd on cd 30 and we bd 3 days in a row and now I'm 7 weeks pregnant!!!! So miracles can happen!!! DH had low sperm count too...dr was shocked it happened naturally, as we were too!!! I also started taking metformin a day after O b/c I had high testosterone blood levels and some insulin resistance. DH also drank caffine before every bd and I ate lots of pineapple around implantation time. Hope this helps and baby dust to you!


cw - October 16

congrats! that is great! i know that you must be so excited!! i wonder now if i should start the provera or wait it out like you. that is very comforting that you did it on your own. m level was a 0.5 so it was VERY low. i have never heard of the pineapple thing around implantation. what does that do? and the caffine for dh? all my dh drinks is mainly water so we might have to try that ourselves.its getting to the point that i will try anything! is this your 1st or do you have other kids?


Kerri - October 17

Here's what I found out:
"Pineapple Juice...the pineapple thing is supposed to be because there's selenium in them, which helps with implantation. But it should be either very fresh juice or fresh pineapple, not concentrated juice or tinned chunks. Other food sources of selenium are sesame seeds, wheatgerm, and tuna, but you shouldn't eat too much tuna either because it might contain small amounts of mercury which is poisonous!"
I just read it on a TTC website and so I tried it....I passed it along to the girls in the Cycle Buddies 2 forum and now a lady got pregnant this month with the pineapple too---I'm sure it was a lot of praying and not truely the pineapple. I also at the canned kind...but haven't had a desire to eat it again since BFP. This is our first lit'l one---we're very excited---I know my body would eventually O on its own b/c I'd been temping and I had O'd each cycle but at random times.....sometimes cd17, or sometimes cd34---so I was prepared to bd during those times and this time we coupled it with OPK and DH drinking caffine b/c of lower sperm count.


cw - October 17

well thank you for the ideas. i agree with you on the praying part. i know God will bless us when it is the right time if that is what he has planned. but it also fun to try new things and figure out what works. i was supposed have af yesterday and of course she didnt show so i am going to test today (which i know is a BFN) but i want to go ahead and call in the provera. dh has been working so much lately and i have not been temping this month so i am very doubtful that i get a ++++ and i am excited about starting fresh this month.


Mega - October 17

Hi! Kerri--congrats! on the BFP! I needed to read your post today, I needed to hear a success story. I just came back from getting an u/s to monitor how I responded to 100 mg. of Clomid, & my biggest follie is less than 10 mm (that's all she told me). So it's looking like we won't be doing the IUI this week. And DH & I were planning on going on vacation next week so now I guess we either cancel vacation or cancel IUI, I'm actually leaning towards cancelling IUI. So I'm pretty bummed today, I thought I'd definitely have a couple big juicy eggies. I have a follow up u/s on Thursday, I guess I could have a miracle growth spurt by then. Right? CW--I'm so sorry about your stillborn baby, that must've been devestating. And I totally know what you mean about how this is all you think about. I'm totally obsessed, I'm the first to admit it! My DH is very supportive, he wants a child as badly as me, but he's also a bit less high strung about it than I am. Not as emotional. LOL!


cw - October 17

mega i am so sorry about the disappointing u/s. maybe you could just wait for the vacation until after the next one on thursday and then decide what to do. maybe you will have ripe eggies by then!! i know how disappointing that was. but just remember it will all be worth it when you finally see that BFP!! i was actually supposed to start af yesterday and she hasnt showed her ugly self yet and i actually wish she would since i know i am not pregnant with my loow progesterone test last week. i am going to take a test today just to make sure and then call in for my provera AGAIN!! hopefully this will be the last month for that! i really hope that the clomid works this time.. i want to at least know that i am releasing some little egg!! i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers until thursday!!



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