Cycle day 15 buddies #2
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littlenurse73 - July 14

Girls did you find your way over here?


tucker12 - July 14

Hey...hope everyone finds us? Not much new here...7 dpo and the time couldn't go any slower...but at least the weekend is here to help take my mind of the urge to POAS.


littlenurse73 - July 14

Nothing new for me either. I'm trying to figure out how I will know when I'm ovulating now. My temps still run higher than they did before and the opk's still look positive. I do them every couple of days to figure out if the hormones are gone. I will probably end up missing "o" because I have no real way of telling right now. Unless I get bad pain in my ovary like back in May. Tucker I hope the 2ww starts going a little quicker for you. I am on CD 15 today........just waiting and waiting.


tucker12 - July 14

Hey Littlenurse...check out my chart for Feb
was the month after my first m/c and my temps were all over the place and higher than normall...I don't even think I really o. Also, my lp was 17 or 18 days which had me convinced that I was preggo's again and I wasn't. Just remember that it is different for everyone...your cycles may change or stay the same...only time will tell. Just try to bd every other day... Normally onve your hcg levels are at zero you will ovualte. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it happens soon!!!!!!


DB - July 15

Ok, I found it...Tucker, are you going to wait for no af or test early?? Hopefully the next few days will go fast for you. Littlenurse, I really hope you O. I can only imagine the frustration of just waiting and waiting and waiting. I'm feeling like a cow. I'm 12 weeks on Sunday and my stomach just looks like a beer belly. I'm not used to this as I usually have a pretty flat stomach. I feel like i'm eating way too much and sleeping way too much still. I feel so dumb shopping for maternity clothes because I don't look pregnant...Anyways, I hope the other girls find their way over here.


tucker12 - July 17

Hey was your weekend?? Well I am 10 dpo and feeling pretty good about this month....cervix very very high and cramps for the past few days. Plus (tmi) but my nipples are sooooo sore...since yesterday anything that touches them burns. Plus getting headaches today. But my temps haven't done anything special so who knows....I will probably start my testing frenzy soon...even though I said I was just going to wait for af....I have no self control. Hope you guys are doing good. Littlenurse...any o yet?? Hopefully soon!! Db I bet you can't wait to start showing..I am defiantley not looking forward to the beer belly stage either. Crystal...I read on another link about your everything okay now?? Keep us posted.


littlenurse73 - July 17

Tucker no "o" for me yet. I'm still spotting brown blood everyday. I don't think I can even check cm until it stops. Both LH and HCG test strips keep showing positive for me. So I think I'll be waiting awhile yet for anything to go on with me. :(


mommywannabe - July 18

Found ya!! How is everyone today?


tucker12 - July 18
You guys have to check out my chart...I am really excited even though I got a BFN this morning...I think I will wait till tomorrow night or Wed morning to retest....but I think this is the month. What do you guys think??? Littlenurse, are they going to test your blood levels again for you to make sure that they are going down? I hope the spotting stops can be so annoying. Hey wannabe what's going on with you??


mommywannabe - July 18

Tucker, keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. GL!


DB - July 19

Tucker, your chart looks awesome!!! Hopefully that dip a couple days ago was an implantation dip!!! I had that and then got a bfp 2 or 3 days later...How exciting!!! I will have to remember to check again tomorrow to see if anything new happened!! Littlenurse-I hope the spotting stops soon so you can track your O....I finally found some maternity pants that fit at Old Navy and they don't even look like maternity pants...they have elastic in the back so they should be perfect to finish out the summer. Thank god...I felt like a stuffed sausage today in my jeans and tank top at work. Talk about tight clothes...Ok, I gotta eat something..Talk to you ladies soon.


mommywannabe - July 19

Any news Tucker?


tucker12 - July 19

Hey, well I noticed some spotting yesterday after I exercised....nothing really today unless I check my my only hope is that it is from implantation since I got a BFN this morning. This really sucks though cause I really felt so positive yesterday and now I feel like crap. Every month it is just such a rollercoaster of emotions. But hopefully af will stay away. Thanks for checking in with me....I will defiantely keep you guys posted.


littlenurse73 - July 20

Tucker what's going on today? Did you retest or anything?


tucker12 - July 20

Af just it is officially over again! Very depressed...guess I have to go pick up my clomid today.


littlenurse73 - July 20

Sorry to hear that af showed up Tucker. I wondered if she would because you said you were spotting and you had done so on other cycles before af. The positive here is that you have Clomid and O earlier than before. I'm glad to know that Clomid actually works as I may go on it if my cycles stay irregular with late O. *********** I still don't know what going on with me. Spotting has gotten to be heavier. Darn it! My chart is freakily similar (almost identical graph) to the April 19th one where I got pregnant. It is now cd21 and I O on cd23 that month. I just don't think O will happen while I'm still bleeding. I'll just keep on waiting. I'll be here with you next month to keep you company though!


tucker12 - July 21

Hey Littlenurse...Thanks for the support. I am sorry about the spotting...have you already had the heavy bleeding??? I have read lots of people getting preggo's right after a m/ I am keeping my fingers crossed that you o soon!! I THINK I am going to try again this month....but I am just going to bd at least 3x a week and that is counting days or temps or anything. I think I am going to take clomid but not sure. How is everyone else??? Thank god the weekend is here!!



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