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sand1168 - April 3

today is cd28 and AF came. I thought clomid was going to push my period back? is this a bad thing?


Tink - April 3

clomid works differnet for everyone- it isn't supposed to make your period regular, it is supposed to make you ovulate. my period was irregular before it, but became more regular on it- even though my cycles were long (30 days). its job is to make you ovulate and possibly ovulate more eggs than the one you would usually ovulate. it is not a bad thing- some people have 25 day cycles on it, others have 35. as long as you ovulate and your luteal phase (ovulating too late in the cycle) isn't too short, then you are good.


LauraEssary - April 3

what days did you start clomid? The earlier you start it the shorter your cycle will be.. But yes generally it makes cycles longer.. If you did it days 1-5 or 2-6 it would be fairly normal for your cycle to be 28days.



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