Coffee and pregnancy
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Julia - October 28

I usually just drink one cup of coffee a day. I've been ttc for a while now, and I was wondering if coffee effects your chances of conceiving? I'm willing to give the coffee up its that if I don't get some caffeine i get headaches. Is there an alternative to coffee that won't effect my chances of conceiving?


Judi - October 28

Julia, when I was still trying, the doctor said it was fine for me to have one cup of coffee as long as I didn't have any other caffeine. Now that I'm pregnant, she said it's still fine for me to continue having one cup a day. I think you're probably fine. Good luck!


Allie - October 28

Julia: I've been wondering the same thing. Thanks for the post and Judi, thank you for the info. Good luck to you Julia!


Lisa - October 28

Hi Julia, I to am a coffee drinker myself and like you I would get headaches if I didn't have a cup in the morning. They say that caffine can decrease you chances of conception by a small % as many other things can have an effect on it also.I have cyst in my breast and when I consume caffine it just feeds them so what the doctor told me was to wean myself off of it not to stop all at once so your body can slowley adjust to not recieving it what I do is I take decaf and mix one spoon of regular(caffine) coffee with it so I get some, but very very little and I do not consume any caffine in any other form(sodas,chocolate,ect..) I to am TTC so I wanted to cut back on it for that reason also not just because of the cyst.Good Luck!


Julia - October 28

Thanks everyone for your great advice. I will definately try to cut back on caffeine, maybe start by having a small cup a day then on to decaf....


Kerri - October 30

I eventulally changed over to decaf and the month we got pregnant my DH drank caffeine before every bd! It's works well to give the sperm a boost...whether it's coffee or Dr.Pepper it doesn't matter, but have him drink it 30-60 min before worked for us and we'd been trying for 9 months. Now I have no desire to even drink decaf!



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