Clomid and pain in ovary
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Natasha - February 8

I have started taking clomid and I have already had 3 tablets. I have been experiencing slight discomfort in my right ovary since last night and I am really worried as I am not sure if this is normal. Can anyone please help me urgently as I am unsure whether to take the next one.


Ann - February 8

Natasha, I feel twinges when I take clomid, but it isn't really painful or anything. If I were you, I would call my dr ASAP to see what he/she says. Gook luck and I hope you feel better.


Mega - February 8

It could maybe be follie growing pains. That would be my guess. But I definitely agree with Ann, check with your dr ASAP to be sure. Also, Natasha, do you have PCOS/polycystic ovaries? I do & I'm no stranger to ovarian twinges & pain. Also I've heard endo can cause pelvic pain too. It's probably nothing, but check with your dr just in case.


Natasha - February 8

thanks for replying Ann and Mega. The pain isnt that bad, just twinges but I think I am probably worrying for nothing. Mega, I do have PCOS, I have had some twinges before but I think cos I am taking clomid, I am worrying about every little thing.


Mega - February 9

That's normal. You tend to over analyze every little twinge when your TTC, esp. when you're on fertility meds. I know I do. Again, don't feel bad about calling your dr with any questions, it's always better safe than sorry. Good luck. I hope your first Clomid round is successful.


MuzikGurl - February 9

Hey Natasha....I just took my last tablet today 2/8/06 I'm on Comid also...only 50mgs. how many mgs. are you taking?? I also have PCOS too...and I understand completely where you are coming from with the cramping and twinges...I started having that too when I took my 2nd or 3rd, I don't have hardly any cramps...Hopfully my dh and I are successful this month...we go back to the dr. on the 15th of this month...when do you go back to see your dr. you seem to be on the same month cycles as I am...maybe we can compare side effects..? Well, good luck to you and let me know if you do talk to your dr. take care!


Natasha - February 9

thanks Mega for the reassurance. It isnt too bad now, at least it hasnt been so bad that I have needed painkillers. muzikgurl, I take my last tablet tonight, on 50mg this month to start with. Hopefully this will be the month (i am not too keen on having a Christmas baby - but hey, whatever will be will be!). I dont see the doctor until a week after I ovulate to get blood test done. Hopefully the twinges are a good sign. Is this your first month?


Mega - February 9

Good, I'm glad the twinges are easing up. I'd think there's a good chance that they're a good sign, that your ovaries are hard at work growing nice, big follies for you. Keep us posted!


Emily - February 9

can CLomid cause your ovary to burst? SOmebody had told me that before.


Natasha - February 10

i dont know Emily, but thanks for the reassurance



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