Clomid and Cranky...
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~K~ - April 30

Hello... I am on my first round of clomid. I started 3 days ago. I dont really have any side effects other then the fact that I seem to be unintentionally cranky. For the past 36 hours everything my husband does seem to piss me off. I am really trying not to be but its really hard. Has anyone else ever had anything like this... Or am i just psycho?


al - April 30

I found this on the net, try and see if any of the stories help u out.


al - April 30

Clomid: Side Effects & Monitoring
I am taking Clomid in the hope of becoming pregnant. I have hot flashes, bad mood
changes and insomnia. Is there any way to minimize the side effects ...This is from the website: infertdrugs/0,,5jqz,00.html
google clomid side effects and tons come up



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