Chinese Herbs for PCOS
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Sara - September 7

I am going to a Chinese Doctor tomorrow who is now an Herbalist in the U.S. I am hoping to take a natural route to handling PCOS. Has anyone had success using herbs to get pregnant?


merlee - September 8

Hi Sara. I got the book "The Infertility Cure" and learned a lot about TCM. I have been using herbs for about 6 months and TCM for the last 2 months. I feel like I am actually doing something now instead of just wishing and hoping. I don't know if it is helping yet, but I believe it is. I wish you luck and keep me posted on your results.


Sara - September 8

After my visit with this Chinese doctor, I totally have hope. He looked at me and knew every symptom I have been struggling with. We started a treatment of "yummy" teas (not really) and some patches called cancertzx for the ovarian cysts. I just started so we will have to see how it goes. At least it has given me hope. I know that Metformin and Clomid aren't the right choice for me, so this is my best option.


merlee - September 8

good luck and keep me posted on how it goes. Tomorrow AF will be here for me. So, here I go again.



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