cervical mucas
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not sure? - September 16

can anyone help?......if you have cervical mucas (stretchy raw egg white)does that mean you are ovulating?Can you have that type of mucas and not ovulate?


to not sure - September 16

It is a very good possiblitly you are in your fertile period but just so you know i also get that kind of mucous one or 2 times also in my cycle. Start charting your temps and locating your cervix and record where it is and soon you put all 3 together and you will know for sure whether it is your fertile period. Act like it is and bd every day or every other day to cover all bases until you go dry again. baby dust


Justine - September 16

Hi - i noticed lots of ewcm on cd10 this month. i always thought that meant you were then ovulating but when i tested with opk i found that my lh surge occurred on cd12/13. which meant i actually ovulated around cd13/14. what i decided to do was to take the ewcm as a sign that i was entering my most fertile time and start bd from then. hope this helps. i'm now at 10dpo and hoping for bfp. good luck to you.


me - September 16

EWCM is an indicator that ovulation is approaching. Yes, It is possible that the egg does not get released, and therefor you do not ovulate, even though you may have the ewcm. The only way to confirm ovulation is a sustained rise in your basal temp or by progesterone blood test. Start bding when you first see it to cover your bases. Good luck.


not sure - September 18

thanks for your answers guys.it really is helpful having this site.thanks again.



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