can she really be pregnant?
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nancy - June 5

can a woman get pregnant even though she went to the doctor because of an accident she was in and had something taken out of her to enable (stop) her from getting her period? and if so what was taken out (for example was it ovaries etc.) the doctor told her at 15 she would never be able to have kids. now i am not quite sure what has to be take out of a woman to stop periods but she is now 20 can some please help or else my brother may be trapped with the girls longer that he has to be. can she really be tellng the truth?


jus a thought!! - June 5

ask her to show you her pregnancy test pee stick if you dont believe her!!


Melissa - June 6

Hi Nancy. Girls lie all the time to trap guys. Good luck with the situation.


to nancy - June 6

I have never personally heard of a woman getting pregnant without having her period. Because you need to be able to ovulate in order for sperm to fertilize an egg. She could have anything taken out from a whole historectomy, or it could be just the ovaries, or just the uterus. But if she doesn't have the female equipment needed to produce and egg, she is definitely not pregnant. If she is, it must be a medical miracle. Or is it possible that she lied about having anything taken out? She may still have everything too.Do you or your brother know her parents? You want to go to her parents with this. They should be able to tell you for sure what operation she has had. If she is pregnant, what proof does your brother have that it's his and not someone elses? I would suggest your brother taking her to the doctor and have him sit in on her appointment so he can hear it for himself. If she refuses to have the supposed father of her child sit in the room with her or to go to the doctor with her, then she must be lieing.


nancy - June 6

hi nancy, m also nancy lol, seriously i think the best thing that your brother should do is take her to the doctor for check up, he will really find out if she is telling the truth. Your brother should choose the OB GYN.....just a suggestion. If she really is well that's what u call miracle


Drew - June 6

If it was a reproductive organ taken out she shouldn't really be able to have children. I agree you should ask her to show you a positive test. Make sure she takes it when you are there. Also, she should be getting an early pg ultrasound to make sure of due dates and if everything is going ok. He should be there for that. Then if by chance she really is, get him to do a paternity test once the baby is born. A girl I went to school with had a baby and sent him to live with the"father". Turned out he really wasn't the father. These are such stickey situations and I wish you and your family all the best.



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