bleeding during pregnancy
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nicky - March 28

is it possible that i can get periods on their time during pregnancy?


kelley32 - March 28

I've heard of some women bleeding/spotting during pregnancy for the first few months around the time that their period was due, but I've had a few doctors tell me that no amount of bleeding is normal during pregnancy, especially the first few months.


JenG - March 30

if you are pregnant, you should definitely contact your OBGYN not matter what. I have heard too... but if it is persistant with heavy cramping, it may be a concern.


JND - April 2

How far along are you? Is it alot of bleeding? When I was 11 1/2 weeks I had bleeding, called my doctor and went in for an immediate ultrasound, turns out my placenta was almost covering my cervix. I had been monitored close with ultrasounds ever since to make sure the placenta was moving up like it should. Now i'm 22weeks and thank gosh it is in right position, if it didn't move up the alternative was bed rest till delivery. Call your doctor for sure, they need to be aware.



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