Bleeding after period, now late, but not pregnant. can anyon
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giorgina - June 2

I had a miscarriage in december, my periods got back to normal a couple of months after. In april i had my period, then the week after i bleed for a week, went to the doctors had an examination said all was well, now i am 5 days late but negitive on the test. Does anyone have any advise. Going round in circles


kelly - June 2

sometimes womens cycles get messed up and everything gets back to normal the next month. It could also just be hormones imbalanced. Good luck


giorgina - June 3

thanks kelly really appreciate it


To Giorgina - June 3

Hi I had almost the dame situation...thank god there is someone to talk to ....I had a normal af in early may..then about 20 days into my normal cycle I bled for 4 days now I am 5 days late and all the tests are ---------!!!!! At least I don't feel so alone anymore...let me know what happens to name is CJ!!! BABY DUST!!


giorgina - June 3

CJ good to here there is someone else in the world like me. i have been having accupuncture- second time, i find i helps in a couple of ways, just talking to the lady helps and she is trying to get my body back in balance. She also said i have a lack of blood in my body due to the miscarriage so she is stimulating my liver and kidneys. then today she targeted my menstral cycle, so hopefully things will work out. on my hols tomorrow so hopefully will be pregnant when i get back. Baby dust to you too



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