BFP with acupuncture and chinese medicine
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ciara - November 19

I just wanted to say that this month for the first time i tried taking chinese herbs and acupuncture therapy and i finally got my BFP after 1 1/2 years. I really believe this worked for me as i had tried clomid before without any success and i felt different this month from the moment i started taking the herbs. I would recommend anyone to try this, especially if you are taking a break from drugs. the Dr also gave my dh some herbs to take as he has motility issues. I really was at a loss and my next move was IVF! Good Luck to everyone out there. I'm so happy but so scared now in case something goes wrong.


shani56 - November 19

Ciara, thank you for sharing your story, I've just started Accupuncture and hope it works for me as well. Best wishes and good luck!


ciara - November 19

thanks Shani, good luck, it really worked for me, i think it opened up all my energy channels and really relaxed me. Also the herbs were supposed to balance all my hormones so they might be worth a try for you too. i'm sure you will get a positive result. the practioner said it would take up to three months but it worked for me in the very first month. let me know how you get on.


javidsgirl - November 19

can you tell me about the herbs you are taking and the doses as well as any side effects you may have experianced i am planning on going the herbal route after having a bad experiance with clomid any info would be greatly appreicated


ciara - November 19

hi javid, for the first 6 days of my cycle i was given a bunch of herbs to boil up and then i had to drink the liquid twice a day. I am not sure what they were, there were lots of different dried roots, berries, leaves, twigs, seeds. i recognised some as dong quai and yam. It was horrible to drink, but i forced myself. Then i was given "nuan gong yun zi wan" pills around ovulation time, you have to take 8 of these 3 times a day - so 24 in total, but they are very little pills so they are easy to take though it sounds like a lot. my husband took some pills i think they were "nan bao". You can get all of these of the internet, but i really think you have to do the acupuncture as well to get the most benefit. i had acupuncture about twice a week including day of ovulation and around time of possible implantation. my problem was that i always ovulated very late and this month i ovulated on cd16 which is the earliest i have ever ovulated without clomid. Also for the first time i noticed that i had ewcm around ovulation, drinking those herbs really worked for the first part of the month. i had absolutely no side effects. My uterus felt quite heavy around the time of ovulation and i got cramps around implantation. good luck with everything javid, i really hope they work for you.


ciara - November 19

sorry i forgot to add that i also took red clover pills and drank raspberry leaf tea until ovulation - they may have helped also. i just got these at a health shop.


javidsgirl - November 19

does acupuncture cost alot? and do you have to take them with it


javidsgirl - November 19

i will be taking chaste tree berry and wild yam root from cd 1 to o and i will be taking red raspberry leaf all my cycle cause it strengthens the uterine muscles for implataion as well assist in preventing miscarriages and is considered helpful in the treatment of frequent or excessive menstruation as well as other menstrual disorders and promotes good progesterone levels


ciara - November 19

i'm from the UK, my acupuncture cost £25 a session - about $45 though i am not sure what the cost will be in the states? i think i had about 5 sessions this month. the chinese pills i took have about 10 different fertility promoting herbs so it was good to be able to take lots of different things in one pill. they were quite cheap, i think they are about $8 for 200. is red raspberry leaf safe to take after ovulation? i read that it was only safe in the third trimester as it can cause early contractions - though i have only read this on the internet so if you know any different please let me know as i will start taking the tea again.


javidsgirl - November 20

my nautral path said i can take it until i get a confirmed pregnancy


Katt - November 20

Hi! Your title caught my eye as I tried the acc this month as well; but the lady gave me some pills to take at night that sounds simlar to yours (little round pills which include cinnamon twigs?) Anyhoo, she asked me back in 2 week. because she said the probalem isnt me - but it did relax me and I am hopeful. I am 6dpo.


tk07 - November 20

that is so cool! i have heard accupuncture really helps. i was going to try it but then went to the dr and he put me on clomid. i wonder how the 2 would work together?? i should try it if it would just relax me after O! i get so anxious when it gets to be a week after or so.


SANN - November 21

Hi Ciara .... Congrats! Your post caught my eyes. I so glad it had work for you too. I took Traditional Chinese Medicine too (but not accupunture) .... help us got pregnant twice (but I missed our first in Aug 06) .... I'm in my 20th week now (19weeks 1day to be exact) with our first. I hope ... our experience will give to those ttc ones. Good luck : )


ciara - November 21

tk - i'm sure the acupuncture will have a really positive effect on the clomid - you can't mix the herbs with the clomid but the acupuncture will clompliment it - it will really help your body to relax, sometimes we can relax our minds but our bodies are still stressed out. congrats Sann - i wish all the best for your pregnancy. good luck to everyone else, there are so many stories out there where people have used this as a last resort after all the other avenues have failed. i really believe it will work for you!

Sann are you taking anything else now? i am only on multivitamins now. i am only 4 1/2 weeks so i am very scared that something will go wrong, this is my first time.


tk07 - November 22

maybe i will try it next month if this month is a no go.
try not to worry too much ciara, you can't stop a m/c and almost everytime it is nothing you did or could have done. i know it is hard not to think about it, i m/c in april and i am super scared to be pregnant again. but be positive and everything will be great for you!


ciara - November 22

shani, tk, katt and javid - let us know how you get on with your accupuncture/herbs. baby dust to you.


mommy2josh - November 23

Ciara, congrats. I keep meaning to look into acupuncture, but its so darn expensive in New York, and my insurance doesnt cover alternative medicine. Would it make you uncomfortable if I asked you where you live and how much did each session cost you. In NY its on the average of $50. Thanks.



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