been trying for 3 years
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nedmir - July 15

Hi! We've been tring for three whole long years now, and still nothing has happened. Has anyone heard or used FertilAid or FertiliTea? Has it or does it work? Please let me know what would be a good thing to start with. I get regular periods and all that, I just can't get pregnant. Please help...


cspears99 - July 16

Have you talked to your dr at all about starting fertility testing, and starting with clomid and IUI?? We tried for 2 years and we are on our 3rd cycle of IUI with combo of Clomid and trigger shots? I haven't tried using any of those teas or anything, how old are you guys??


slowpoke01 - July 16

also your tubes could be blocked i would suggest getting an hsg dye test done it is very uncomfortable but it is worth it because if your tubes are blocked then you will not get pregnant


Tracy88 - July 16

I had the HSG first and came out clear, but still wasn't getting PG even with clomid. I do ovulate, so at least we knew that wasn't the problem. A couple months ago I moved to a fertility specialist and he just did a laparoscopy on Friday. I had a little bit of everything going on inthere. The doc said not one of the things he found would cause infertility, but all of them combined would. After 3 years of TTC, if I were you, I would move on to testing instead of relying on teas, etc... I just know so many women who tried all that stuff and it never worked for them. I know several people who tried for over five years and it either took clomid or injectables for them to get PG. I guess it really depends how old you are though on how aggressive you want to get right now. I am 36, so have no time to waste. Good luck!!


nedmir - July 17

We're both 28, so we're not really that old I guess. I still haven't got any tests done. I'm going to book appointments today acutally and see what the doc says. Thanks a lot for your help. I'll let you all know what happens.



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