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catt - November 5

Hi everyone...I haven't posted for quite a while here, but hoping someone has advice! Just briefly I have had 2 miscarriages over past 2 years (both at about 11 weeks)...been on clomid now for near 7 months (one pregnancy was on clomid). I was starting to feel dispondent (!) and went to see a natrapath specialising in pregnancy and took formula (yuck!) Anyway, she suggested I have some bloodwork done. I went back to fertility specialist with results of high prolactin levels and ANA titer of 1:640. A second test had it down to 1:180. He didn't seem too fazed, just peeved that I had seen a natrapath! I went to another doc for second opinion and she is sending me straight to a rhuematologist. Has anyone else had a titer as high as 640? I have NO other symptons re lupus/scleroderma. Thanks!


Tracy88 - November 5

I realize I can't be much help in answering your questions, but just wanted you to know that my sister is going through the same tests. She had the ANA test and then they subsequently tested her for Lupus etc... She came back cleared for Lupus and I'm not sure about the rest yet. I know she has an appointment this coming week to speak with the doc. I get so angry when doctors get mad about people going to see naturopaths. I'm glad you got a second opinion. I'll try to find out what my sister's initial bloodwork came back as. Has anyone started you on anything for the high prolactin yet?


catt - November 6

Thanks so much tracy, I'd love to hear how your sister goes. the whole area of potential autoimmune conditions is so vague and as I said, even my fertility specialist (supposed to be "the best") doesn't know much or I feel, care much. I feel like the more I try to become educated about myself, the more my specialist dismisses me. I have been with him 3 years and am seriously thinking of changing. As for the prolactin, he doesn't think it is an issue and is probably stress...I believe it "surges" so I am very conscious when the needle goes in. Do you know if there is a treatment for high protactin? My GP thinks the rhuemy I am going to see will order an MRI to see if there is a growth on the pituarty. Another interesting fact I found out during my second opinion is that prolonged use of clomid can reduce was suggested I stay on clomid on alternative months...have you heard about this?
Thanks so much and good luck to your sis!



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