Anyone waiting for.....
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Christina - May 23

the 8th of june a period to come! this feels like the long await for the let down, please keep the pryares coming, all my best!


April - May 23

im praying for you.. so i hope i can have alot of people pray for me i have a period comeing may 31 and i hope its a no show... so wish me luck... and im praying for all u ladies who is trying to conceive!!


Melissa - May 23

Hi Christina, I'm waiting for that exact date also.


christina - May 24

great! your all in my prayers! look forward to some joyful news here!


christina - May 24

and my spelling is awful,lol, up top its obviously in prayers!


Kelly - May 24

Hello ladies, I am waiting for May 30. I finished my first round of Clomid. Not to optomistic though because it usually takes 2 rounds. Only God knows and in His time so maybe I am wrong!! I wish baby blessings to all of you and I pray for you as well as others on the site. Take care.


Crystal - May 24

I am also waiting for june 8th but not for af I am waiting for my 21 day test to see how HIGH ;- ) my progesterone is going to be. I am so excited this is my second round of clomid, and we are praying it works this time. Keep me in your prayers.


christina - May 24

your all in our prayers!baby dust to us all!


Melissa - May 25

Hi girls. I'm now officially in the 2ww. What hell it is. :-)


Drew - May 25

I'm waiting for the 7th. I dont know if this is a bad thing but I'm getting a little crampy mostly on my left side. But I'm still optimistic! They say what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger...well if the waiting doesnt kill me, I'll be wonder woman! Good luck all!


Melissa - May 25

Hi Drew. I'm having a little cramping in my ovaries also. Hmmm....


Drew - May 26

This cramping is a little different than my usual o cramping (when I do o that is). Its not really as bad as it usually is but it hasnt stopped. Its off and on but kinda dull. I was supposed to o on the 17th so we were "busy" for like the past week. But I think I may have o'd earlier than that. Its so hard to say with the Clomid and Metformin! Ooohhh... the frustration!


Melissa - May 26

Man do I know about the frustration. How long have you been on comid Drew?


Melissa - June 2

I was just checking to see how everybodie is doing this week. Big date next week.


christina - June 2

Hi girls,
well i have all the pre-a/f symtoms no doubt in my mind it is coming...though i am trying to till just wait and be positive, hope you are all well and keeping the faith, baby dust to all!


Makiida - June 2

Like my self, I have been trying desperately for 5months now and still no sign. everytime I see my priod I feel like I wonna breakdown and cry. Iam only 25 and ovulating but getting pregnant seem to be al most impossible at the moment.


Melissa - June 2

Hi Christina. Are they normal af symptoms (I mean timing before and all that)?



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