Anyone waiting for 23 June
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Lou - June 13

I know this is early but I am more optimistic than last month due to the fact that I had a hsg on 6th June and I was told there is an increase in fertility after having this. I keep imaging I am having symptoms and I know it is too early and is completely phsycological. I can but hope. Please contact me if waiting for around the same date I would love to hear your comments. Good luck to you all x


For Lou... - June 13

Hi... I am waiting for june 23 as well. My name is Kim. we should wait together. i took clomid 50mg/days5-9, this was my second cycle. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]
from KIM


Lou - June 13

Thanks for the reply Kim I will certainly keep in touch it is nice to know how other people are getting on.


Kelly - June 13

Hey Lou, I am waiting for af on the 23rd also. Darn I hate this part. I have heard the same thing about HSG, maybe this is the month for you!! I keep thinking I am having symptoms as well. My boobs get sore, headaches, cramping, etc. I just finished up 100mg of clomid because I did not ovulate on 50mg. So, I hope this is the month for all of us (Kim) :)


~kat~ - June 13

hey waiting for 25th,and this is my 7th month ttc,how long have you been ttc?


Kat - June 14

Thanks for the reply we have been trying for 21/2 years. It is a long waiting game but fingers crossed this month for us all.


~kat~ - June 14

i know how frustrating 7 months has been,i thought it would happen in 2-3 wrong was i!?! good luck to you all :O)


May - June 14

Me too waiting for the 23rd as I did HSG this month. Not feeling at the moment hope i do before that date. Ladies lets just be positive and hopeful it might just happen before we all know it. Baby dust to us all


Nena - June 14

I have done HSG in May 11, I am on HCG shots now to induce ovulation. Yesterday I checked and I had follicles in both ovaries but not matured so I am still taking shots. Tomorrow I'll go and see what is the situation. I am 5 years TTC. Wish me luck to ovulate this month. ~*~*~*~*~*~* a lots of Baby Dust to all of us ~*~*~*~*~*~*


melanie - June 14

Hi ladies, I too am waiting for the 23rd. I took clomid 100 mg/days 5-7 because of my age (40). I'm just getting a little depressed because i just found out that my boyfriend has been in another relationship for 4 years but we've been seeing each other for 7 months. As a result, we broke up. I'm still hoping that I'm pregnant because this was something that I wanted, but I just wonder do I tell him if I am pregnant. I can support the baby on my own, but because he has the "right" to know, do I tell him. Please help, i'm depressed.


Lou - June 14

Thanks Melanie for replying. I would say that you should tell him if you are pregnant as he does have a right to know but it is nice to know that it is for you that you want to be pregnant.

Good luck Nena it looks like we are in the same boat with this hsg thing hope it goes well for you.

Good luck ladies keep us all updated


~kat~ - June 14

melainie i agree with what lou said,he does have the right to know,i hope it all works out for you.good luck to you all :o)


Joby - June 14

Lou I'll wait with you! Af is due somewhere around 20th-23rd. Already starting to get those symptoms - hopefully they're not in my head this month lol!!


MELANIE - June 14

Thanks ladies for your response. My only concern is that if I tell him now he's gonna call me and harass me about terminating and I'm not gonna do it nor do I want to hear it. He lives in another city in Maryland. I'm in Baltimore, he's in Upper Marlboro. So the question is when do I tell him?


~kat~ - June 14

hey melanie,im from uk so not sure where those places are that you and your ex live-lol! well i think you should wait until you find out if you are pregnant first then see how you feel,id tell him straight away if i were you and tell him theres no way you will terminate and if he doesnt respect your decision then just walk away/hang up whatever the situation may be...keep us posted though and good luck


Lou - June 15

Thanks Joby it is nice to know there are so many waiting for the same date as this way we can offer support to each other. Melanie I would agree wait until you know if you are pregnant or not as I can't imagine that worrying will help your baby if you are.


Lou - June 21

Well it is a few days before I am due and I am waiting for the signs of af coming. I have already done an early pregnancy test and it was negative so I am not holding out much hope. To the extent that I have already got the persona that I bought a few months ago out and read all the instructions so I know what to do. The symptoms that I had I think were probably pms as I don't seem to have any now. Good luck to you all let me know how you get on. Baby dust xx



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